MORE trouble for Rutherford – Update

If you are looking for a link to the lawsuit filed against Rutherford today:

It has nothing to do with this story.

by:  Diane Benjamin

Elected officials used to work for no pay – a long time ago!  They were public servants who felt it was their duty to serve for a brief time and then go back to their profession.  They were honored to have the trust of their fellow citizens and decisions they made were FOR the citizens.

Congress now has single digit approval ratings and most other politicians don’t fare much better.  It’s hard to find an actual public servant anymore.  Instead we have a crop of professional politicians willing to do whatever it takes to get elected or move from one office to another.  Public trust must be earned.  George Washington was a natural because he was a man of immense integrity.  Have we quit expecting at least some integrity?

Illinois Review posted a list of Rutherford campaign staff in January:

One guy the Rutherford campaign hired has some background problems:  Randy Allen Peterson 

Peterson has a pretty extensive police record.  Public trust is difficult to earn having Randy Allen Peterson promoting your campaign.

Police record:

2010 -Disorderly Conduct –Electronic Monitoring –,2010CM67,IL023015JL2010CM67D1

2010 Driving on revoked license –,2008TR1056,IL023015JL2008TR1056D1

2003- DUI –,2003DT3,IL023015JL2003DT3D1

1998 Battery with intent to cause bodily harm –,1998CM252,IL023015JL1998CM252D1





8 thoughts on “MORE trouble for Rutherford – Update

  1. Wow, really stretching that Chicago-machine style politics strategy. But I guess that’s how Rauner gets his support. Never mind that Rutherford, until he became Treasurer, was a PART-TIME “citizen legislator”. Exactly what we have been saying that our legislators should be.
    You find one person who has had some trouble in his past, and suddenly there is a major issue? Was this guy involved in any fraud or malfeasance? Was he working with money, or children, or working in the Treasurers office? Has no one that YOU associate/work with done prison time…?
    Rauner’s supporters must be feeling the heat if they are getting desperate enough to go after petty things like this.


  2. mcteaparty, you say, “was this guy involved in any fraud?” When a politicians or anyone for that matter claims to be one way and you find out that he has “hidden” his real lifestyle and he is actually another way I think that is called a fraud! Dan Rutherford’s 28 year old assistant Joshua Lanning who Rutherford had taken him on a world tour threatened to go public about sexual harassment he received from Rutherford but two days later Lanning resigned from Rutherford’s office. It makes you wonder, was he paid or intimidated to drop the sexual harassment charge? There is a lot of smoke on Dan Rutherford’s life style of being gay and where there is smoke there is usually fire! It may not matter to many people whether he is gay or not but what concerns me and should other people is the fact of, has he been living a LIE, hiding his true lifestyle?


  3. My only problem with Rutherford was his gop led by the nose diss of Ron Paul during the 2008 election due to his “just another tow the party line” type of guy to get ahead for his own benefit. The ironic thing about the campaign staff issue is that it reflects the history of a person. So what? Can’t they rehabilitate? Didn’t they do their time? Should they not work again? Why should they work in politics where the so many of the real criminals reside? How about the many politicians that continue to fund the wars that kill millions of innocent civilians and children that millions of people still vote for? Figure out who the candidate is, what their record has been, what they stand for, etc., and based on that cast your vote. Reviewing the hired help is mostly immaterial.


      1. Which brings me to the question of your past presidential support of Mitt Romney based on only he could defeat Obama. You, like way too many others were suckered by this approach rather than supporting the underdog Ron Paul which as per Constitutional values and most importantly his undeniably clear record of supporting the Constitution was ignored. Had the many suckers who supported Romney instead stood up for what they said they believed in, in reality RP should have won via a landslide! Instead I constantly heard that lamesteam media hype of “he can’t win” which suckered you all in to support the lesser of two evils, Mitt the twit. Moral of the story I guess is to support what you profess to believe in rather than find an excuse to falter.


  4. I disagree web staff as you were supporting Romney long before the GOP convention in Tampa. Ron Paul had enough delegates to have a shot at being the nominee but of course the establishment that supported the bought and paid for Mitt the Twit but those delegates were denied their voices in Tampa. I could go on but there is little point. You, as many others didn’t give RP a chance from the beginning which unfortunately is the standard propaganda bandwagon that many folks like to jump on.


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