Pension Funding

By:  Diane Benjamin “One of the best-funded pension plans in the country is the nearly 90 percent funded Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, which has long had the ability to enforce payments into the plan.” IMRF funding isn’t a problem.  That’s why pension spiking penalties were enacted, the fund couldn’t afford to pay pensions for employees […]

Dan Rutherford: I Did Nothing Wrong….Don’t You Believe Me?

February 25, 2014  Edgar County Watchdogs In numerous recent interviews and debate settings, State Treasurer Dan Rutherford has denied there is anything to the allegations of sexual harassment of his employees to include pressure to campaign for him on state time. Even after a federal law suit was filed against him, denial has been the stance. Denial backed […]

MORE trouble for Rutherford – Update

If you are looking for a link to the lawsuit filed against Rutherford today: It has nothing to do with this story. by:  Diane Benjamin Elected officials used to work for no pay – a long time ago!  They were public servants who felt it was their duty to serve for a brief time […]