LEGAL breaks the record!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yep, another Bloomington City Council meeting on Monday.  Yep, more approving Bills and Payroll.  Yep, Nobody on the Council will bat an eye at this one:


$59,559.55 might be a new high for tax dollars being shipped to Springfield!  Jeff Jurgens and Springfield assistants are mining your gold.

The remaining budget (until 4/30/16) for ALL outside Legal is $206,650.19.

Besides this $59,559.55, another $15,682.32 was spent at other firms.  That’s a total of $75,241.87 for just 1 month.  That $206,650.19 won’t last long!

What do the citizens get for all this legal expense?  It’s a secret.  I can tell you Jeff denied one of my FOIA requests, something I’ve gotten every other year.  He claims to still be thinking about it.  Seems like another lawsuit to me.  (Slow learners)

More expense will be added Monday at another secret meeting (Executive Session):

The budget Task Force totally ignored Legal Expense.  I wonder why?



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