December’s Eating and Traveling at your expense

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Bills and Payroll, Monday night’s Bloomington City Council meeting:

Just the beginning of the bills for Renner’s trip to DC:

City Council Expenses American Airlines $ 305.20 US Conf of Mayors Wash DC Transportation for Mayor

City Council Expenses US Conf Of Mayors $ 650.00 Reg. Mayor ‐ US Conf of Mayors

Rosie’s Pub $ 31.75 Business lunch for Mayor & L. Bennett
Rosie’s Pub $ 36.50 Business lunch for Mayor & A. Raki
Rosie’s Pub $ 20.51 Business lunch for Mayor

Michaels Restaurant $ 21.40 Business lunch for Mayor & B.Porter
Station 220 $ 28.00 Business lunch for Mayor & Alderman Hauman
Shannon’s 5 Star $ 7.85 Working breakfast for Mayor
Medici $ 35.08 Business lunch for Mayor & M.Lee
Station 220 $ 55.00 Business lunch for Mayor & C.Koos

Michaels Restaurant $ 20.23 Business lunch for Mayor
Kelly’s Bakery And Cafe $ 9.72 Business meal for Mayor

Panera Bread $ 109.98 CC meeting light meal

Marcos Pizza $ 50.88 CC meeting light meal

Bloomington Pizza Ranch $ 75.00 Best Chili Award
Wal‐Mart $ 988.21 EAC prizes for 1/30/15 Events
Hy Vee $ 131.67 Holiday Cookies for the Office Decorations
Krispy Kreme $ 91.48 Donuts and Coffee from Chili Cook Off

Heartland Parking Inc $ 2.00 Parking ‐ EDC Board Meeting
Periodicals Kwe Kiplinger Editors $ 108.00 Annual Subscription renewal
Periodicals Chicago Trib Subscriptio $ 142.37 Subscription renewal

How many Chicago Tribune subscriptions does the City need? 

Somebody renewed their subscription last June:

The link also has spending for the last US Mayors Conference Renner attended – TWO a year

Niu Outreach $ 200.00 2016 ILCMA Winter Conf Reg. D. Hales
ICSC $ 530.00 RECon registration D.Hales

Marcos Pizza $ 55.97 Budget Mtgs ‐ working lunch for Directors & D. Hales
Jimmy John’s $ 16.21 Working lunch for D. Hales & S. Rasmussen
Monicals Pizza $ 91.20 Capital Budget working lunch meeting ‐ Water

Marcos Pizza $ 34.98 Capital Budget Working lunch meeting ‐ Facilities

Prof Dev Jewel $ 24.96 Office beverages

Did the HR staff buy lunch for the City Auditors?!?

HR Othr Purchased Services Jimmy John’s $ 54.00 Lunch for Sikich Consultants re: HR/Payroll Discussion

Other departments were busy traveling and eating too.  See all the P-Card spending here:  P-Card spending


8 thoughts on “December’s Eating and Traveling at your expense

  1. Someone needs to study the menus at some of these establishments and try to figure out how “Lunch for 2” can cost $35, $45, even $55.00–that is, without alcohol, which can’t be billed to the taxpayer.

    Answer: It is almost impossible.

    Likely Conclusion: Taxpayers are illegally “taking it on the chin” for “Tari’s little problem”.


  2. Tip would be included. I’m guessing the tips are generous because when you are not paying for it, why not give a generous tip. Makes you look good and gets people liking you which is important when you are a regular.


    1. When the highest price lunch entree is $10 one wonders how the bill ends up being $18/person–even including a generous tip it is outrageous.


  3. My PROBLEM here is WHY do the citizens have to BUY lunch for UPTOWN KOOS? Can’t UPTOWN buy HIS lunch, and WHY is the BLOOMINGTON mayor spending money in UPTOWN? , they preach Green Top Grocery-BUY LOCAL, then go give UPTOWN business & tax $$$! THAT IS PURE BS!!


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