Normal: Record short meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin

On the video below, the meeting isn’t called to order until 14:10.  All business was finished by 19:50, the majority of that time taken by reading bios of three individuals appointed to the Children’s Discovery Board.  In Normal the names of appointees aren’t announced until the Council approves them.  Transparency is for silly people.

None of the Trustees asked why Cost of Living wage increases are enshrined forever in City code while those outside of government never see them.  Just more proof of who government really works for.

The meeting started late because of a presentation to the Town from Special Olympics.  That part is worth watching, it was a special honor for Normal’s contributions.  The meeting ended with Jeff Fritzen recapping a serious health event, glad it worked out well Jeff.  The meeting in between was uneventful.






  1. Uptown Dreams says:

    Sounds to me like after 38 years on Council it’s time for Jeff Fritzen not to seek reelection next spring. If his record since Koos isn’t enough we ought to address serious health issues and the need for term limits.

    You can bet Koos will have a hand picked replacement.

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    • BN Deserves Better says:

      Yup. I’m sure he has a short list just like Taxes Tari. Have you ever noticed that Koos refers to the Town Council publicly as “my Council”, as if the members report to him and are under his control? It’s a Freudian slip for sure.

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