Democrats: Kathy Michael not invited

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local Democrats are against abolishing the Bloomington Election Commission.  Instead of lessening the tax burden by eliminating one of the way too many government agencies in Illinois, they would rather create an unaccountable new one to oversee elections.  The County Clerk is an elected position, Democrats want to create a commission appointed by partisans.  A County Clerk can be fired by voters, the commission Democrats want can’t be.  The choice is obvious, Democrats are choosing the wrong wide of history again.

Paul Shannon is quoted in the Pantagraph saying he can’t comment because BEC is non-partisan.  Further proof that non-partisan is fiction: Paul Shannon did go to an event for Democrats only in July to talk about the Bloomington Election Commission.  County Clerk Kathy Michael wasn’t invited:

This is hilarious because both Michael and Shannon met with the local GOP to discuss the same issue!  Democrats don’t want to hear both sides and are incapable of being non-partisan.

Democrats wanting to reduce the size and scope of government obviously don’t exist.

Eliminating the Bloomington Election Commission will save taxpayers money.  Duplicate staff won’t need to be trained and sent to expensive conferences.  Confusion for both voters and candidates will be eliminated.  All election information will be in one place instead of scattered on two different websites and in two different offices.

Ending BEC is a good thing for Bloomington residents and taxpayers.  This is more than worthy of being approved.

Democrats need to explain why spending your money needlessly is more important than fiscal responsibility.

Note the Facebook post says Georgene Chissell also attended the Democrat meeting.  She was interviewed by WGLT, if you want to hear a truly scary politician this is a can’t miss interview.  It was so scary the story writer did not put any details in the story.  The only way to know what she plans to do if elected to the Bloomington City Council is to listen.  She is running to replace David Sage.

I imagine this link will disappear before local elections early next year, you better listen now.

Chissell is proof that local elections are not non-partisan!






23 thoughts on “Democrats: Kathy Michael not invited

  1. Georgene Chissell doesn’t sound smart or wise enough to be on the student council of a high school. She also sounds like she is a puppet of the Renner regime.

  2. In LESS then a minute, she already shows WHERE her energy is going to go! Downtown revitalization! That horse has been beat so much it’s sausage..

  3. Rennerite: Hey we need a volunteer to run for city council. Are there any good democrats out there that want to make an extra $5K for knowing and doing nothing?
    Mumbles heard in the crowd.
    Rennerite: Anybody? Is there anybody out there? Hey, this is really easy. Just show up a couple times a month for the city council meeting, take in a few other meetings. Then if do as you’re told we’ll occassionally send you all expenses paid trips around the country to seminars and conferences. Anybody? ANY BODY! Is there anybody out there?

    Listened to the interview, Chissell contradicts herself and proves to be absolutely clueless as to what awaits her as a council member unless she already knows that she will support and vote what as the mayor wants. For the most part someone will have to tell her what to say and how to vote, of which I have little doubt as to what has already been offered to her if she agrees to seek office. However on occasion she’ll feel the power and go off on a meaningless rant if elected and bore the heck out of council (or anyone) that can listen to her for more than five minutes.

  4. Ultimately, if they can’t manage to gain CONTROL of elections, they will start to do their best to forego them entirely, this is will ramp up if they sense they may be losing support and if the “normals” (as in thinking normal people not “Normalites”) start voting en masse. They will propose that it will be far more economical to do away with elections for city positions and that a committee can appoint them from a pool of people willing to be representatives, and we KNOW who will be making the choices…I can honestly see this happening. I mean “they” are squealing loudly now about the electoral college and how it needs to be eliminated, can trying to find a way with more tightly controlling local elections be far off?

  5. I’m so glad I left Bloomington. It’s gonna get worse, folks. Far-left, statists are in the process of completely taking over and reshaping the community. It’s now a spiral, as moderates, independent-mind folks, and conservatives who previously stood as a check against this type of government have left or are in the process of leaving.

  6. Yep! WAY out of touch, and NO new ideals!
    Imminent domain
    Fix the streets by raising fuel tax
    She think conflict is good?
    She wants retreats, haven’t they had enough of them?
    And as for being articulate, I give her a C-
    I notice don’t talk about cutting ANY west side projects..
    basically, OUT OF TOUCH!

  7. Kinda reminds me of Maxine Waters, same idealogy, less articulate but still quite clueless to the reality that surrounds her. If no one else, I’d prefer Sage by far.

  8. A hiring freeze, rally? A “thin” staff, again, really????
    Talk about not ready for prime time…

  9. So racism and misogyny rule on this forum. I don’t see anyone offering any solutions. Eyesore buildings? Just complain about them. Not enough money to fix roads? Complain about it, moan, bitch, but no actual concrete ideas. The truth is the lion share of the money for infrastructure either comes from Springfield or the Feds not locally. Offering solutions? They get the short shift here. I thought Republicans had a solution for everything. I thought Trump alone could solve everything. 4.1 GDP growth, huge tax cuts that were suppose to trickle down? Where are those trickle down monies that corporations are eating up? Where are those trickle down benefits now in either Bloomington or Normal? Cry about stagnate wages? It’s all the government worker fault. Convenient scapegoats along with Maxine Waters and any Democrat. Again, I thought that Republican tax cuts would fix everything and we would be living in Easy Street.

    1. Thanks for including every Dem talking point! The tax cuts started in January, 8 months later we have 4.1% growth rate. Solutions? More than $2 million have been wasted on pension spiking! Employees are constantly planning parties when they are suppose to be working. Admin staff and budget has exploded. Benefits and salaries are ridiculous compared to the private sector. More than $5 million for the mostly empty Coliseum? No name yet for the Ice Center – it expired more than two years ago. I could go on! I bet the reader can too. If Bloomington cut taxes and the budget prosperity would return here too. They won’t, those pesky socialists think they can control the local economy. Obviously they are failing.

      1. You are banned! Many of your snide comments have been written about over and over. Throwing bombs when you have no idea what you are talking about does not contribute anything worth reading to this site. Go away permanently.

    2. Lame brain Democrats like Skatemondo just whine “Racism” whenever they know they have nothing to offer. Skatemondo… where’s the racism in any single comment? Look in a mirror Skatemondo… It is in your tiny brain

      1. It’s all they have left. They just go on autopilot and use the words racism, or misogyny or homophobia or call people nazis or fascists when they actually have no grasp of the true meanings of the words they are tossing about. They don’t even know how closely it is the PROGRESSIVES, who they align themselves with, who are far more connected to Nazis and fascists and racists than conservatives or libertarians have EVER been. They have been taught to try and SOUND smart and confident, but the problem is, they have never been challenged and forced to actually explain themselves much if at all by citing actual historical facts and the like. Now that the “right” are actually speaking up they are in a frenzy, which is evident every time they gather their little gangs and act up like they did against Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk yesterday, taking their marching orders from Auntie Maxine I guess, because, well she’s a Black woman so anything she says must be golden… They are also all quick to say, and I am talking specifically locally now and to skatermondo in particular, “You aren’t offering any solutions” when the reasons for that are conservatives need not apply – in other words no common sense solutions will even be considered by the current powers that be – they have their own little club and conservatives are not allowed in it.

    3. Come on skatemando – you’re supposed to label us as Nazis, not racists! You guys wore out the term racist and have moved on….

  10. “The left is out of cards to play. This proves they can not be reasoned with or have an adult conversation. They must be defeated in the hearts and minds of anyone with a brain.”


  11. Good Lord, I just spent 13 minutes, 42 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back listening to Georgene’s interview! So we have her, Jenn Carrillo and Tari potentially running the city of Bloomington! Wow, that’s quite a show. I almost hope they all win so I can watch. Then second thought it’s terrifying.

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