When the left turns on the left

By: Diane Benjamin In case you missed it, pro-Palatine protestors crashed the annual Democrat meeting at ISU: https://www.25newsnow.com/2023/11/11/protestors-crash-mclean-county-democratic-fundraising-dinner/?outputType=amp I doubt County Board member Krystle Able has ever studied Karl Marx, but she supports his policies anyway: Hint Krystle: Marx was a disgusting human being who lived off other people. He was widely rejected during his […]

Unwad your panties Democrats

By: Diane Benjamin It was the Democrats who wanted to change the agreement made when a 10-10 Board was elected and a Republican was picked as chair. Last night changed nothing. In October the last empty seat will be filled restoring the 10-10 board. A Republican will still be in charge, what the Republicans did […]

It’s past time for TRUTH to be all that matters

By: Diane Benjamin I was in the room yesterday when the 3 person McLean County Electoral Board issued their ruling. The first of the three members who gave her opinion was a Democrat – Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Koll. Koll was adamant that courts where there was clearly no fraud or intent to confuse voters […]

Local “Democrats” prove their intelligence

By: Diane Benjamin Only one guy filed petitions to run for Sheriff in November. The Democrats have no one running, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appoint someone to be on the November ballot. Libertarians could too. Meanwhile, the local leftists are challenging the petitions of some Republicans who filed for County Board. They aren’t […]

Democrats resort to fibs?

By: Diane Benjamin I wonder where at the County Board meeting anyone discussed taking the tablets away from the County inmates? Democrats told WGLT they did, of course it was printed without a fact check. https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2021-10-16/tussle-over-inmates-use-of-tablets-develops-at-mclean-county-jail I hope everyone is clear on this point: democrats favor inmates over taxpayers. They want TOU to pay for […]

With egg on their faces, Democrats demand a meeting

By: Diane Benjamin After finding out their plan for 20 County Board districts with one representative each was impossible, the local Democrats now want the entire board to weigh in. “Other business” on the agenda isn’t allowed if they are planning votes. Since their plan was defeated, they now want the number of districts kept […]

Correction: Local Democrats trying to suppress your vote

Final clarification: Farm Bureau supports 4-7 Districts while maintaining at least 20 Board members. The alternate plan to the Democrats 20 districts is not 10, it should have been 5. That was a typo on my part. The Farm Bureau claims now they aren’t supporting any plan even though I was told they were. The […]

Where do campaign contributions go?

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m not going to check the Facebook or websites of every Democrat running for election, but I checked a few. If you contribute to any of the below why is ActBlue getting the money?  That’s the same organization contributions to Black Lives Matter go to.  We do know those contributions don’t end […]

More on BLM and local Democrats

By:  Diane Benjamin The Facebook discussion between 2 local BLM activists and two members of the local democrat party is worth your time.  See it on the McLean county Democrats Facebook page. Ky Ajayi of BLM made one comparison I find silly, but he was dead serious.  He compared abolitionists to the people who today […]

Democrats vrs Black Lives Matter

By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington Council meeting will reconvene Wednesday at 7:30.  Technical difficulties were experienced with the Live Stream.  Instead of having the meeting anyway and posting video today, the meeting was rescheduled. That was a good thing because it allowed Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill to comment on a Live event […]

Are Democrats using Black Lives Matter?

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s obvious the Democrat Party only cares about blacks when they want their vote.  Obama was president with his sidekick Biden for 8 years.  They didn’t do prison reform or even talk about police reforms.  Neither did anything about the black unemployment rate or the black on black violence in Chicago.  Add […]

Democrats aren’t playing politics?!

By:  Diane Benjamin Nikita Richards, failed candidate for McLean County Clerk, was recently elected to lead the McLean County Democrats. When the economy was shut down we were told it was “to bend the curve”.  The purpose was to prevent massive numbers of hospitalizations that would overwhelm the system. Overwhelming never came close to happening, […]

Local democrats admit the obvious

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been telling you for over a year that Chicago democrats are trying to take over McLean County.  Lots of Chicago democrat money flowed into McLean County, likely it will continue in 2020. It is wonderful the McLean County Democrats are now admitting the Chicago connection on Facebook.  They changed their profile […]

Dan Brady, ISU, local Democrats, more SLBB and Pay-To-Play

By:  Diane Benjamin Dan Brady: It took until last night to connect with Dan Brady about HB 2040.  See this story:  https://blnnews.com/2019/05/06/illinois-gop-a-minority-on-purpose/ He told me he didn’t hear any opposition to the bill, one of the reasons he voted YES.  Evidently we aren’t a Representative Republic where the elected reflect the values of the people […]

Again, not everything is government’s job

By:  Diane Benjamin The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ Ronald Reagan Dick Durbin thinks everything is government’s job.  He also thinks the cost is immaterial.  Churches and families used to take care of each other.  That was before  government saw they can […]

Carlo: Explain this!

By:  Diane Benjamin See this previous story:  https://blnnews.com/2019/04/19/things-that-dont-fit-anywhere-else-3/ Democrat County Board member Carlo Robustelli berated GOP Chair Connie Beard for inferring municipal election are actually partisan. Carlo:  Why did the Democrat Party interfere in the last local non-partisan election? Maybe they aren’t really non-partisan Carlo?  Erik Rankin sure thinks they aren’t!  See picture below. The […]

More Local Dems hilarity

By:  Diane Benjamin Can 97% of taxpayers in Illinois pay less in taxes while the State plans to spend more?  The local Democrat Party must think citizens have ZERO common sense: They don’t mention Springfield is planning to give financial aid to illegal aliens too. The FLAT income tax has been continually increased.  The State […]

Democrats: Kathy Michael not invited

By:  Diane Benjamin The local Democrats are against abolishing the Bloomington Election Commission.  Instead of lessening the tax burden by eliminating one of the way too many government agencies in Illinois, they would rather create an unaccountable new one to oversee elections.  The County Clerk is an elected position, Democrats want to create a commission […]