Are Democrats using Black Lives Matter?

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s obvious the Democrat Party only cares about blacks when they want their vote.  Obama was president with his sidekick Biden for 8 years.  They didn’t do prison reform or even talk about police reforms.  Neither did anything about the black unemployment rate or the black on black violence in Chicago.  Add Dementia Joe’s comment about “you aren’t black if you don’t vote for me” it’s more than obvious democrats control blacks, not listen to them.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been changed by now but when you click donate on the money goes to ActBlue:


Who is ActBlue?

Ding ding ding – Fundraisers for the Democrat Party, none of the top 10 recipients are BLM:

opensecrets It looks like the same Marxist ideology that took over the US House of Representatives is infecting the local democrats.  BLM, lead by Hispanic Jenn Carrillo, is serious about defunding the police.  She wants anarchy using the same techniques Mao Zedong used to turn China communist.  Get the young people fired up for change, marginalize the older people who know better, then beat them into submission.  Without police Jenn’s buddies will be doing the patrolling.

The below took place on Facebook yesterday.  Nikita Richards, dem chair, was forced to change the graphic because it wasn’t radical enough for BLM.

defund 1

Below is much of the discussion that took place.  Read each comment, the democrats have lost control of the extreme far left, just like Nancy Pelosi.  I wonder if BLM thinks non-blacks have stolen their voice?  Many commentors are not black.

defund 3defund 4defund 5defund 6defund 7

defund 8defund 9defund 10


11 thoughts on “Are Democrats using Black Lives Matter?

  1. Yes!

    Here is a must watch for anyone who wants to understand what is really going on here from Dr. Steve Turley

    Black Lives Matter TAKEOVER of Democrat Party is DESTROYING the LEFT!!!

    Enjoy… and learn…

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  2. The Democrat party thinks they are using Black Lives Matter , Antifa and the Democratic Socialists. However, these Marxist led groups are actually using the Democrat party.
    Once they use them to achieve enough power you will see BLM call the Democrat party racists. You will see them tear down statues of FDR and even Obama. They will even demand the Democrat party be dissolved because of its racist past. The Democrat party is simply a vessel at the moment for these groups to gain power.
    Jenn is using BLM for her Marxist revolution and anti white bigotry.

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  3. Reading through those comments I see about 10% reasonable thinking and about 90% left wing lunacy. Some people just don’t have a clue.

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  4. I didn’t see any black voices in that conversation…therefore, BLM is an extremist (ie defund police) wing of the democrat party used by non-blacks to try to control blacks. It’s a sham.

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    1. To the contrary. BLM was created by radical black women with the financial backing of other far left radicals for the purpose of advancing black dominance in society. They say as much on their website. Actually both the Dems and BLM think they are using each other. No matter their future victory or defeat, they will eventually wind up eating each
      other because both exist for the purpose of establishing political dominance and will kill one another to achieve that end.

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  5. This is bad news for the local Democrat party. They bit off more than they could chew with Jenn, Crabs, and several other local mouthpieces. (Even Tari can’t rein in Jenn.) They are literally being taken over by vocal, far left ideologues whose ideas and vision will never resonate with mainstream citizens, Democrat or Republican. Of course, the only polls that matter or on election day. These wackos are well-organized and get out the vote, and certainly care nothing for those they use along the way. So sad.

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  6. IT does NOT take Einstein to figure out that BLM is being TOTALLY suckered in by the DNC for the fall election! They want to GET TRUMP anyway they can, and even IF it means lying to negroes, which they are, they will do that to achieve their means! Black people who are EDUCATED and “old school” I would hope are wise to this kind of pandering. BUT it’s the NEW “generation and “rebels” like Jenn and Jeff who “stir the pot” that make it hard for these YOUNGER people to ACTUALLY see the TRUTH. And when they DO, it will be TOO LATE…
    Hopefully intelligence, common sense, and TRUTH will prevail..


  7. Im skeptical Jeff Crabill is truly down for the cause. To prove his sincerity I think next council meeting Crabill should publicly get on his knees and kiss Mboka’s shoes and beg for forgiveness.

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  8. The demonrats have let the genie out of the bottle and won’t admit it. Yes, they will eat each other. Red wave in November.


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