The Systemic Racism Myth

By: Diane Benjamin At the WGLT mayoral debate the good leftist host had to bring up systemic racism, that discussion kept him from asking about real issues. You are expected to believe minorities can not succeed because whites won’t let them. Obviously it’s a myth because their are countless successful minorities. Obviously it is a […]

Things the don’t fit anywhere else

By: Diane Benjamin WGLT and the League of Women Voters are teaming up again for local debates. Nothing is scheduled for anybody running except mayoral candidates: Former County Clerk candidate and current employee of the City of Bloomington thinks all of you who sacrificed to send your kids to college should pay the bill for […]

Locals open mouth and insert foot

By: Diane Benjamin One lesson I learned years ago was: Get the facts before writing If you think facts come from the Main Stream Media you are wrong. They print propaganda for the Democrat Party, not truth. I’ve deleted many comments because quoting their facts is just what media wants you to do. Truth is […]

Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin The far left are the only voices being heard by the Council. Policy is therefore being run by them because few regular citizens bother to call in for public comment. There was another line of leftists that thought they would get a Welcoming Ordinance when that wasn’t what Donna Boelen’s initiative was. […]

Nikita Richards should be fired today

By: Diane Benjamin Nikita Richards is not only the chair of the local Democrat Party, she is an employee of the City of Bloomington in Human Resources. Yesterday she posted this on Facebook: Nikita just alienated all 130 Bloomington police officers. Nikita accused every officer of being unprofessional at best and racist at worst. How […]

Are Democrats using Black Lives Matter?

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s obvious the Democrat Party only cares about blacks when they want their vote.  Obama was president with his sidekick Biden for 8 years.  They didn’t do prison reform or even talk about police reforms.  Neither did anything about the black unemployment rate or the black on black violence in Chicago.  Add […]

Democrats aren’t playing politics?!

By:  Diane Benjamin Nikita Richards, failed candidate for McLean County Clerk, was recently elected to lead the McLean County Democrats. When the economy was shut down we were told it was “to bend the curve”.  The purpose was to prevent massive numbers of hospitalizations that would overwhelm the system. Overwhelming never came close to happening, […]

Were District 8 voters deceived?

By:  Diane Benjamin When Shayna Watchinski ran for the McLean County Board she told people she worked in “healthcare”.  See this WGLT story: Excerpt: Professional? According to the Illinois License Look up website, Shayna Watchinski has never held a professional license of any kind: That didn’t stop Watchinski from posing for campaign photos […]

The difference couldn’t be more clear

By:  Diane Benjamin The local political parties elected their leadership this week.  The Republicans picked Connie Beard for a second term.  Connie works in the private sector.  The Republicans previous leader was John Parrott.  He worked in the private sector. The Democrats chose Nikita Richards.  She works for the City of Bloomington.  Their previous chairman […]

As Seen on Facebook:

By:  Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Defining what it means to be Progressive is Nikita Richard, failed candidate for McLean County Clerk: Nikita “tagged” McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael and McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage apparently to embarrassed them into allowing prisoners here to vote. Sheriff Sandage responded: Next, Kathy Michael responded, these comments appear […]

Nikita, where are you?

By:  Diane Benjamin Think back folks.  Nikita Richards accused Kathy Michael of voter suppression because the kids at ISU had to stand in lines.  Prediction:  The kids will show up to vote in November right before the polls close and Nikita will complain again about voter suppression at ISU. BUT, Nikita hasn’t said a word […]

Proof: Failure to Launch

By:  Diane Benjamin Somebody calling themselves: just accused me of lying in this story from yesterday: Here’s part of the comment: I made up the whole thing? I lied? I know Derek has been to “Democrat Boot Camp”.  That means he wants to run for something.  The local dems have nothing to run on […]

More Bloomington Silliness

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and payroll for Monday night: 6 more employees will be spiking their pensions:       This is the penalty for the last group who spiked theirs: The legal budget must be running out of money, this is less than a normal month. I filed a FOIA request for the […]

Election Recap

By:  Diane Benjamin Congrats Illinois.  Democrats are in complete control.  Will somebody please name one place where Democrats have allowed prosperity.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Democrats create dependents, not a vibrant growing economy.   Illinois will collapse under the weight of politicians who refuse to fix the problems. Likely it is too late to leave Illinois since property […]

As we knew, the Nikita investigation wasn’t one

By:  Diane Benjamin The lawyer the City of Bloomington hired to investigate the computer usage of Nikita Richards was John Redlingshafer.  According to his profile he specializes in: Aviation & Airports   Governmental Business and Commercial Litigation Agribusiness Nothing is mentioned about his ability to investigate computers and browser history.   Experts do exist […]

City of Refuge Church: GOP not allowed!

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember when Nikita Richards campaigned during a church service? City of Refuge Church must have decided they messed up with Nikita, so the GOP was invited to speak at the church.  Various dates were discussed and then all mysteriously cancelled. Four candidates where going to come BEFORE a service to […]

Nikita defeated herself

By:  Diane Benjamin If you haven’t decided who to support in the McLean County Clerk’s race, this article in the paper should make it crystal clear: If you live in the County (not Bloomington-Normal) are you under-served by the Clerk’s office?  Nikita Richards thinks you are and plans to spend more money to serve […]

Update: Bloomington failed you: Nikita Richards

The City’s personal press is reporting Nikita has been cleared!  When consultants are hired they always give the requested results.  Congrats citizens! I wonder how they explain all these websites: By:  Diane Benjamin The ethics complaint filed with the City of Bloomington by Kevin Gerrard was never taken seriously.  As this email proves, the […]

Gleason can’t find a problem with Nikita?

By:  Diane Benjamin Tim Gleason is following in the footsteps of David Hales who didn’t see a problem with the Coliseum.  Hales was fired from Bend Oregon, and is being fired from Joliet.  The Bloomington City Council adored him.  The problem has been identified! Quote: City Manager Tim Gleason said an internal investigation […]

Clerk debate – laughable

By:  Diane Benjamin The room was packed with citizens last night wanting to hear the two candidates.  There was easily over 200 people, standing room only. Nikita Richards continued her attacks on Kathy Michael, including that she violated the law by delaying early voting.  It didn’t matter that Michael had the permission of the State’s […]

Local GOP asks for Nikita apology

By:  Diane Benjamin This morning Connie Beard, McLean County GOP chair, held a press conference.  (Note: the GOP is led by a woman!  Democrats aren’t) The purpose was to touch on three topics: 1)  Referendums The GOP has placed three on the ballot.  The first two will only be on the County ballots.  These two […]

Nikita not apologizing for lies

By:  Diane Benjamin At least 2 Peoria TV stations  and WYZZ covered the lies told by Nikita Richards in a local church last Sunday.  The local Republicans asked her to apologize for claiming Kathy Michael broke the law by delaying the start of early voting.  If you missed that story, see it here: Nikita […]

McLean County GOP News Release

Press Release:   10/1/18 Statement by Connie Beard, Chairman McLean County Republicans. “It has been brought to my attention through various sources that Ms. Nikita Richards, Democratic candidate for McLean County Clerk, appeared at a local congregation and during her campaign presentation accused Kathy Michael of breaking the law by delaying the start of early voting.  […]

Nikita: Lying in Church

By:  Diane Benjamin If breaking the law by campaigning in churches isn’t bad enough, Nikita Richards must think congregations will fall for anything – including lies. Nikita really has nothing to run on, so she has created division and racial tensions by claiming discrimination and voter suppression.  She has to create her own fact to […]

Kevin Gerrard response to media

By:  Diane Benjamin Gerrard is the guy who filed the ethics complaint with the City of Bloomington against Nikita Richards. This morning he left a comment on this site that neither the Pantagraph reporter or the WJBC reporter contacted him before doing stories.  He stated he is not behind the Bloomington Deserves Better Facebook page, […]

Nikita’s June history + Funny FOIA

By:  Diane Benjamin Kevin Gerrard, the guy who filed the ethics complaint with the City of Bloomington, also filed for Nikita’s browser history for the entire month of June.  According to him, he filed the complaint and FOIA because HE is paying Nikita’s salary as a resident of Bloomington. One quick note about who filed […]

City Manager spends your money!

By:  Diane Benjamin Email to Kevin Gerrard concerning the ethics investigation of Nikita Richards: So the City is hiring an independent law firm to investigate the obvious. If Nikita isn’t fired they can blame the law firm. If Nikita is fired they can blame the law firm. If the investigation takes months they can blame […]

Laws don’t matter again

By:  Diane Benjamin Churches are tax exempt because government wanted to make sure they didn’t use the Bible as a basis for informing their congregations about political candidates.  In 1954 a law was passed banning political campaigning by tax exempt organizations, specifically churches. Campaigning in a church means the church could lose tax exempt status […]

Nikita brings Chicago here

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been sent this information by a LOT of people, so it’s time to share it.  Yes, McLean County is being community organized using Chicago style campaigning with Chicago residents being bused here.  I wonder if they will be bused here to vote too? Since Chicago is the poster city for high […]

Dickie Durbin at ISU

By:  Diane Benjamin The video of Dickie at ISU this morning is on Nikita Richards Facebook page.  He was here to endorse her.  The college Democrats plus Erik Rankin were there too.  The crowd didn’t look overwhelming. Dickie came, in his own words, to support a Democrat “traffic cop” to elections.  Yes, Dickie, we’ve seen […]