Proof: Failure to Launch

By:  Diane Benjamin

Somebody calling themselves:


just accused me of lying in this story from yesterday:

Here’s part of the comment:

sjw launch

I made up the whole thing?

I lied?

I know Derek has been to “Democrat Boot Camp”.  That means he wants to run for something.  The local dems have nothing to run on except imagined voter suppression.  It didn’t work in 2018 and won’t work now.  Obviously he was going to announce a run!

As stated, Derek never “signed up” to speak.  He wasn’t on the agenda.  Maybe the “Young Democrats” can fill you in on why they failed.

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young democrats

19 thoughts on “Proof: Failure to Launch

    1. These folks like SJW are just so pathetic that it is not even remotely funny. They are more than willing to venture onto social media to lie and then make complete fools of themselves in front of the world to protect there own. They dive into an online forum thinking that they can say or do whatever they want without any repercussions. I guess people like SJW are just so brainwashed or so much a part of the establishment that acting like NPCs just comes naturally for them. Thanks to the Age of Information, we can challenge them, call them out and show them to be the fools that they are.

      1. Sometimes, I am beginning to think that they truly are so arrogant, that they
        believe that “deplorables” are unable to use social media, nor do they have the ability to research, they truly do believe that they (the SJWs/NPCs are superior beings who can simply say whatever they want, no matter how wrong they are and simply be believed, that likely stems from them NEVER having to give any actual examples or factual evidence of the crap they blurt out – I also believe that may be the root of their “my truth” malarkey.

  1. Everyone should read The Goals of Communism as presented in the Congressional Record from 1963. Frightening how much of it has already come true and is well on its way to becoming reality. Old Democrats should be ashamed of what they have allowed their party to become. The ultra leftists have done a great job in picking their useful idiots.

  2. There is no voter suppression that’s a race-baiting term used when black Democrat candidates lose an election you need to stop Democrats from cheating in elections that’s what our concerns should be focused on!

  3. Does Chair-person Rankin work with these neo young democrats’? Mickey Matejka ? Bloomington Council Person Gomez? The Keese Brothers ? (Keese is plural for Koos). How many of these “kids” are from Chicago ? And how old are some of them ? Gee, is the same thing going at IWU ? Is there a Neo Young Democratic group at Heartland College ? WAKE UP Republicans, young and old.

  4. The so called “voter suppression” comes out of the mouths of the ISU students,most of whom do NOT permanently reside in Bloomington/Normal, or in some cases the entire state of Illinois! Who cares what the IDIOTS at ISU say? Why the liberals of course!

  5. Got under your skin? Good. You and your sycophantic readers have have nothing to do with your lives than complain because life is passing you by. All because your entire life is writing an useless blog.
    The fact that there are young people who are polically active is driving you nuts. That they are educated, informed and aren’t intimidated by tinfoil wearing crowd who wouldn’t know either commmunism or Marxism if it bit their ample butts. Go and look for boogeyman under your collective beds.

      1. I can’t take it? You’re hilarious. You’re so afraid that someone will expose you as a fraud and most of what you write is delusional.

        This blog is a joke, it makes Infowars seem like the Wall Street Jounal.The fact is that young educated students aren’t voting Republican. Demographics are against the Republican Party nationwide. That’s the real reason you don’t want students and young people to vote. Democrats are more diverse racially and inclusive of people’s views.Your readers are old bigots who are scared to death of brown and black people. One of your commenters called a black city councilwoman”uppity”. You’ve lied plenty on this blog, it’s petty apparent that the truth isn’t your strong suit. If Young Democrats are speaking out about voting rights and voting outreach that should be a very positive thing .Your hysterical response was that there shouldn’t be better access to voting because of the way they vote. In this country voting participation is low compared to other democracies. You and your readers need to get a life..

      2. “I got under you skin” is another of their cliche phrases, they employ it whenever anyone calls them on their lies and BS – it’s become a joke but they are too arrogant to realize how much people make fun of them now, because they live in an echo chamber.

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I thought they were going to start boycotting your free blog. Thank goodness they are all so young, active and educated. Sounds like they may also be in to body shaming which goes against their creed. The fact he needed to come back and check only shows the level of narcissism we are dealing with. I gotta go make sure some toilets are clean.

  6. It’s all about division. You see when the Democrats are dividing races against each other they are trying to distract from the real enemy: Globalists, leftists, socialists, and communists. The real people of all races have a common enemy. The real people of all races have more in common with each other than they do with the jackasses like SJW and the elites he represents. If the jackasses like SJW can continue to stir up “fake racism” we wont notice what they are doing or what they want to do.

    And as we continue toward the 2020 election, all people of all races are discovering that the Democrats and jackasses like SJW have been lying to them and are continuing to lie to them.

    2020 will be a landslide for President Trump and the Democratic Party (which I donated a significant portion of my life supporting) will cease to be a national party. Perhaps out of the ashes of this new Wig Party will arise a party that has not gone insane, can put forward candidates that aren’t in danger of wetting themselves and is not completely out-of-step with the regular working people of America.

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