Failure to Launch: Local Dems

By:  Diane Benjamin

Well it seems as if the Dems had a snafu at the last County Board meeting.

Eventual candidate (more about that later) Derek M. Lough appeared to be ready to do a fire and brimstone speech about voter suppression in McLean County.  The Dems are all fired up about waiting lines in at ISU.  They want 100’s of thousands more dollars spent at ISU so the students can sleep in then show up in mass late in the day.

    • Never mind the fact that there are no lines in the morning.
    • Never mind the fact  that we spend more money per vote on the voters at ISU.
    • Never mind the fact that we spend money and resources having two weeks of early voting at ISU when they don’t do that at all the other precincts.
    • Really, just never mind the facts at all if they don’t support their liberal woe is us victim mentality.

More money, more money more money.

That’s the mantra of the new young democrats. 

While Derek had not signed up to speak at the County Board meeting, the democrats none the less announced he would be speaking.  They have one set of rules for them and one set for the rest of us.  Those who were paying attention said that it looked like Logan Smith was going to ask for Derek to speak at the end of the meeting using the “other business” loop hole.

When the Chairman asked if there was any other business Logan appeared to act like he wanted to speak but never raised his hand or spoke up.  Logan is really in WAY over his head with this sort of thing.  Bless his heart (for those of you who don’t speak southern, Google that phrase.  It’s worth a Google).

I think this might have been Mr. Derek M. Lough’s planned announcement that he is running for office.  In my opinion it is painfully obvious that Derek M. Lough is getting ready to run.  I would guess Auditor or possibly Circuit Clerk.  Why he would use his imagined voter suppression as a reason to run for Auditor or Circuit Clerk is anyone’s guess as neither office has anything to do with voting. I believe it was just a way to have lots of press there to cover his announcement of his candidacy, but this is just speculation.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what “spectacular” announcement scheme he conjures up next.  When he does come out with his very staged spectacular announcement, just remember, you read it here first.  His liberal University of San Francisco education may not mesh to well with the voters of McLean County.  Just my opinion though.

As for other candidates it appears blatantly obvious to me that the ultra-liberal and ultra-profane Rachael Lund is going to challenge Chairman McIntyre for his county board seat.  I will be amazed if she doesn’t announce her ultra-liberal campaign very soon.   She will probably want to do some sort of extraordinary pageantry of an of announcement like I believe Derek M. Lough wanted to do.  Her plans probably won’t include Logan Smith, bless his heart.

I am also pretty certain that Nikita Richards is not done either.  I see her running for either Circuit Clerk or Auditor or possible County Board District 3.  If gambling were legal I would bet heavily that all three of these will bring their Chicago style liberal political campaigns to McLean County very soon.

And remember, when they do announce, you heard it from me first!  I am not as certain that Jill Blair will run for a local office.  It’s a possibility, but I wouldn’t bet too much on it.

I forgot to mention that Lough had a cheering section there.  Several women were there wearing their “crazy buttons” supporting or protesting something.  These ladies stayed seated during the pledge of allegiance.  One of the Board members told me that Derek himself came in and was walking around during the pledge of allegiance.  My guess is that these people were “plants” in the audience.  Sent there to leap up, scream and cheer giving Lough a very loud standing ovation when he made his impassioned announcement that he was running for offices to right all the wrongs ever committed.

Because of Logan Smith not getting the job done (bless his heart) he didn’t get the chance to have this huge opportunity flow out the way he wanted.

When did McLean County politics get really dirty?  Pretty easy to see, when Chicago decided to branch out.



26 thoughts on “Failure to Launch: Local Dems

  1. Excellent as always Diane. But if memory serves, wasn’t Chicago INVITED
    to branch out? As in former mayor Markowitz?

  2. Likely accomplices in this effort to invade our area with liberal Chicago types include: U S. Senator Dick Durbin in association with his local go to minions Chris Koos and Tari Renner, local organized labor leadership which includes the in the weeds Penn family and Mike Matekja, and various political plants at ISU and IWU.

      1. It doesn’t matter because they are all carbon copies. So any of them could be chair or all of them could be chairmen. The students are for the most part all NPCs. We are up a against a solid block of brain washed SJWs, NPCs and Democratic con men/women who want just one thing: POWER over you and your money.

      2. Used to be John Penn but Erick Rankin is now chair. Penn is a regional organized labor head. The family has had a strangle hold on the local 362 office for years. My personal feeling was they had a gift for intimidating the grassroot labor membership.

  3. Logan, bless his heart, must have been sick the day they taught Parliamentary procedure in alternative school. Or, do they not teach that in alternative school? Or, maybe his Connect Transit bus was late getting him to alternative school. Bless his heart. Did ‘ya all know Logan had to go to alternative high school because he got bullied at Normal West? Bless his heart. Now he can bully us on the county board. Bless his heart.

    1. When you name your child Logan, what else can you expect? You can almost identify the socioeconomic group that many of these kids come from just by their first names. How many working class people name their sons: HENRY, FINN, OLIVER or ASHER? So Logan if you are reading this, maybe a name change is in order because Billy and Bobby can still kick your ____ any day of the week.

  4. Well, Bless you Diane for calling these “folks” with crazy buttons, ladies. They have another term in the South for such antics, but after ALL this information, and seeing as how they’re about as organized as a Tasmanian Devil hunt without a bag, I have faith in their slow but painful defeat, so I guess for Labor Day, instead of a rack of ribs, I’ll just take it easy, sit back and have an R roo sea and a Moon pie! Y’all do the same..

    1. I can’t wait to hear what other plans they have! Expect a constant flow of “stunts”. It started with attacks on Kathy Michael at the last Finance committee meeting. Scripting is so easy to see, I wonder if they realize that?

      1. They are SJWs and NPCs, so no they don’t realize how contrived their actions appear to us. Their world does not intersect with the real world.

  5. What a long winded nothingberger. Who the heck wrote the above nonsense? McLean Democrats are going to announce their candidates? Not exactly surprising news. Republicans do the exact same thing. The fact that the editor of this piece doesn’t like early voting, or any voting by students isn’t a surprise either. That’s the very definition of voter suppression. Why this editorial had to make up out of whole cloth people’s thoughts and actions to push her rather questionable agenda is suspect. Also, what parent would name their child Neversilent? Perhaps you’re the real NPC.

      1. You, dear editor made up the entire scenario of Democratic candidates announcing that they are running for office during a McLean County meeting. “Derek M. Lough appeared to be ready to do a fire and brimstone speech about voter suppression”. No, that didn’t happen. Someone has an “imagination” and it isn’t me. When you start making things up because you have nothing to write on you blog, that’s called lying.

        So let me get this straight: Mr. Lough did not speak, Mr. Smith did not ask Mr. Lough to speak, there were no speeches about voter suppression during or at the end of the meeting. You also give no proof that there were “plants” or a cheering leading section. You lied, editor, in order to add controversy to your blog and enrage your readers.

        That goes double to Neversilent. Talk about word salads. His screed below is a prime example. I don’t give a damn what you think or write Neversilent. You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the butt. Maybe you should get out of your basement and go for a walk since your opining on this forum 24/7 is addling your brain.

    1. So I got to you then SJW? Great! It is obvious that you just don’t really understand what is going on here. You see what you wrote here is a classic word salad from someone suffering from cognitive dissonance. There is help available. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a horrible affliction but you can recover.
      Step one: Turn off your TV (so you are unable to watch CNN and MSNBC)
      Step two: Stop reading (I know you are doing this) the NYT and the Washington Post
      Step three: Start finding out what is really going on (the mainstream media is not the place)

      How about that Russian collusion thing?
      Trump is a racist and anyone who supports him are racists?
      Trump is mentally ill now?

      SJW – you are being lied to. You are a pawn in their sick little game. Diane and the folks in this thread are part of a global movement. Open your eyes and join the people around the world who are taking back their governments from the socialist elites and the globalists.

      But perhaps you are one of the socialist elites? The age of information is here to stay boy/girl/it. We can talk back now – we can know what is going on – we can challenge the establishment – we can demand accountability and we can laugh at the emperor when he has no clothes.

      So get used to it SJW – we are not going away.

    2. Where o’ where is our SJW? Is he a “write one word salad comment” and leave kind of guy/girl/it?

    3. SJW (can I just call you Social Justice Warrior) are funny! Seriously there is help out there. If you must stay where you are mentally… please be prepared for what is coming next. Yes, our great president Trump is going to win by a land-side in 2020. Your front runner Biden’s next move will be to forget his own name and wet himself on stage during a speech. The Democratic Party is the new wig party. They will cease to be an national party after 2020. You may have noticed (most likely not since you are inside the left’s echo chamber) that versions of Trump have been elected in both Italy and Great Britain.

      So get some serious mental help and be prepared for ANOTHER 4 years of President Trump. Talk to your pastor and please don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.

      Just an FYI – most here know this… I am a 50+ year former Democrat who campaigned for JFK when I was nine years old. Yes before the last election, I left the party that left me and ALL of the working people behind. My former party has since become something that I am ashamed of. It has moved so far to the left there is no more room for them to go. Now they have embraced insanity and if you support them, you are also insane.

      1. I too stopped being an uninformed leftist sheep about 10 years ago, one who blindly voted straight Dem every time I voted – I voted for Obama like a good little sheep for Senator, then an older wiser friend asked me if I had done any REAL research on him – I really hadn’t, good little sheep seldom if ever do, and let’s just say I learned a LOT – but I STILL voted for Madam Pantsuit in the 2008 primary, because I was still not “ready” to make the big switch – then I REALLY started researching and I could NOT bring myself to vote for McCain but did DRAG myself to vote for Romney, which I knew was an exercise in futility, since then my eyes have been WIDE open – there are tons of us out there and yes, it’s a world wide phenomenon that the media tries to suppress but it’s becoming hard for them to do that as well as they used to be able too, but never for a minute forget that there are also a horde of little NPCs and SJWs who have been taught to babble a lot and even SOUND now and then as if they are “educated” (but actually just indoctrinated) they can’t hold up to any close scrutiny or even light questioning, they are crumbling now, and it’s not just here in the USA – hold on tight little SJWs the ride is about to get a lot scarier for you, but truthfully, I’m not sure if many of you are even aware enough of the real world to even notice until it all comes crumbling down around you – and yes the Democrat party is dying, it has been committing slow suicide for a good long while now. TDS truly is a terrible affliction it effects the mind in a myriad of ways.

  6. Neversilent, they absolutely hate being called NPC and have no intelligent reply for it, which is why youtube deleted your link above.

  7. So ISU students are mad because they have to stand in line to vote? My question here is: WHY are ISU students,most of them NOT BLONO citizens voting in OUR elections? You can thank the liberals in Springfield for that one. If they get to vote in our elections then I guess its ok for me to travel around voting in other states.

    1. ” I guess its (sic) ok for me to travel around voting in other states.”. Exactly…..enough Leftist “MAssholes” did exactly that to flip New Hampshire to Hillary in 2016.

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