Marc Tiritilli and Connect Transit

Connect Transit is the best example of a government agency  throwing away tax dollars.  In the near future they will want more of your money to throw away.

Marc Tiritilli posted the below to Facebook.  Keep in mind he requested an appointment to the Connect Transit Board to fill the year long empty seat representing Normal.  He was summarily dismissed by Chris Koos.  It’s easy to see why Koos rejected him, Koos doesn’t think standing up for taxpayers is noble:

marc connect transit

It would be a disaster for the local economy if Connect Transit becomes their own taxing body.  They are incapable of being fiscally responsible with the money they receive now.  I guarantee Bloomington and Normal would NOT lower taxes, they would just spend the money they now give to Connect on something else. 

Just imagine what they would do with even more of your money!

16 thoughts on “Marc Tiritilli and Connect Transit

  1. This would create a Black Hole that taxpayer money would disappear into. Transit Disconnect needs to be shut down and an efficient common sense system needs to be created to move those in need of transportation around our cities. This insanity needs to end now.

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  2. DISASTER LOAMS! BOTH mayors AND councils can’t even balance the city budgets and just spend like drunken lemurs. For CT to be able to tax, I’d MOVE! BIG SKY COUNTRY!!

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  3. Brillant comment. Marc is spot on, as usual. Koos, Renner, and both the councils (with a few exceptions) are committed to protecting the political gravy train that is Connect Transit. The vast majority of people see Connect Transit for what it is, a cash-burning, mismanaged boondoggle that they will never use and is utterly impractical for BN. Worse still, Connect Transit hides behind “good intentions”, “helping the working class”, “green” and/or “quality of life” platitudes. Marc is exposing Connect Transit for what it really is. This potential taxing authority is a sign that Connect Transit might be getting some push back from its financial back stoppers – the City of Bloomington and Town of Normal. There’s only so much money to go around. Wonder if Koos has been holding off the nomination for fear that it could sway or otherwise delay CT from pursuing its own taxing authority.

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  4. If there are smaller buses, people may just have to do what they do when subway cars or taxis are full – wait for the next one. With the pace some of these routes run, why have 35-40 foot buses when the passengers can mostly fit on a 10-15 person shuttle bus. Funny we see how the big, electric buses will last longer but nothing about how larger vehicles like this enhance wear and tear on the roads. It’s why semis are prohibited from driving on certain roads.

    There are two reasons Koos doesn’t want Tiritilli on the board: 1.) It gives Tiritilli even more experience serving the public. 2.) He’s afraid Tiritilli will rally enough support to end the frivolous spending at the expense of the taxpayers.

    Speaking of taxpayers: everyone who pays local taxes also pays them to the state/federal government. So if the money is coming from those areas, guess what? That’s our tax money too. So pretending we got $5, 10, 15 million from “someone else” doesn’t really suffice as an argument when that’s our tax money too.

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  5. If you check out Marc’s Facebook post, you’ll notice Chris Koos is trolling and stating the post is” full of misinformation and just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true. ”

    And just because Koos says it’s false makes it false????? These people truly live in an alternative universe.

    Koos needs to give up on Social media totally. People are handing this guy his lunch on Facebook.

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      1. Aw Confucius say, “Weed hopper, one will find it tough to bring a new like luster (polish) to a turd when one finds the turd resides within your own soul.” ….Koos needs to get a clue, better yet not, so even the most uninformed voter will still see him for what he is, the lying village idiot.


      2. Noticed that as well. I agree with Diane. He’s losing support across the board, including from the go-along-to-get-along citizenry and more recently the establishment, townie crowd. The momentum swing of his popularity is snowballing. [Tip of the hat to Stan.] Koos probably thought that connecting with citizens through a soft tone online would make him come across as more likable and gentil. It turns out he’s making it worse. Koos and his agenda have been exposed and people have had it with runaway spending, higher taxes/fees, handouts to cronies and friends of government, and all-around mismanagement.

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  6. ANYONE who believes Koos OR Tari, probably hasn’t heard the old saying, “You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but, you CAN’T fool ALL of the people ALL of the time” And this has been PROVEN on several ocassions..
    As an aside, is JUST me or does Koos kind of look Simon Bar Sinister on his facebook photo? You remember the mad scientist on Underdog cartoons??


  7. When Koos starts belittling people about the truth and calling them liars like he still is doing with Stan Nord, you know you’ve made a direct shot with the truth. Koos has it in for both Marc and Stan because they are honest and believe in truth. Koos, on the other hand only believes in himself and more taxes.
    Allowing Disconnect to become a taxing body is just like giving the fed gov no debt ceiling: DISASTER! You want proof of the impending disaster? Just take a peek at the Airport Authority & Heartland’s board. Both of which do not answer to the taxpayers. Throwing more money into Disconnect is good for them bad for the taxpayers. As for the electric busses? How are they going to recharge the buses? With fossil fuels of course! How are they going to use the busses when the temps go below freezing? They arent because the electric vehicles do NOT like extreme temps like the 96 degrees we had this summer or the below zero winters we have. And where does that leave the taxpayers? Nowhere because the busses wont be running.

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  8. OH! But we COULD run them in the winter using the same materials as ICBM batteries! Heck, we’re spending money, might as well go for the gold!


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