Stan Nord and Scott Preston

By:  Diane Benjamin

Stan Nord has tried to reach out to fellow Trustees who claim to care about taxpayers.  Scott Preston was one of those.

Think back to this story:

Preston knew before the rest of the Council that Chris Koos wasn’t telling the truth about Nord going “lone wolf” because Preston was copied on the email to Pam Reece informing the Town of a company who wanted to locate in Uptown.

Preston said nothing publicly in support of Stan.

Another issue Nord is attempting to fix are leases of public property that automatically renew without a Council vote.  Many of these leases make no money for the Town or cost the Town money.  Stan thinks all leases that don’t work for taxpayers should be discussed before they merely continue as is.  (Novel thought!)  The same issue applies to fee increases.

In emails received by FOIA, Stan tried to get Scott Preston on board:

Stan to Scott

Scott replied but added Pam Reece to the email:

scott to Stan

Maybe Scott can explain what his response means!

I did not receive a response from Pam in the FOIA.

Stan tried again a few weeks later:

Stan followup

I didn’t receive any other responses from Scott or Pam in the FOIA.  Emails were requested through July 28th.

It appears Stan and Karyn Smith will receive no support in attempts to govern for taxpayers instead of Town friends.  Transparency isn’t important to all Trustees.









5 thoughts on “Stan Nord and Scott Preston

  1. It appears that Scott Preston is part of the problem? It appears that Scott Preston is not working for the people of Normal? What is up with this Scott? “I do not follow what you’re trying to accomplish” – really Scott? What he is trying to accomplish escapes you because? Business as usual protects your friends and questioning business as usual is a threat to the system that YOU are part of. Waste of the taxpayers money be damned, right Scott? It’s all about protecting the crony system of Fuhrer Koos and keeping the money flowing to your friends? A public servant you are not Scott. You are one of the many problems that need to be resolved at the ballot box.

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  2. I TRULY hope that Stan & Karyn eliminate this kind of “behavior” from the council, and MAYBE Bloomington will follow! All this sounds like just MORE “passing the buck” (Which uptown has spent enough of) THis kind of “rubber stamp BS by Koos AND Tari and cronies NEEDS to be reigned in!

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  3. Hey, Scottie what do you think about auto-renewing room service? Isn’t that what you did last time tax payer put you up in a hotel?


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