The upcoming IML conference

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve written about the Illinois Municipal league numerous times.  If you don’t know much about them, start with this story from 2016:

IML is holding their  annual conference in Chicago in September.  Many local people will be attending at a cost of at least $310 each.  From Bloomington, Tari Renner, Julie Emig, and Mboka Mwilambwe are attending.  I know Chemberly Cummings is going from Normal.  Staying at the Hilton Chicago is almost as much as the conference – $267 before taxes.  It is a three day conference, but all three days aren’t required.  They are expecting 2000 attendees.

Here’s how they get people to come – put them on the agenda:

Who do you know that is either a Moderator or Presenter?

gleasmodJurgens presReece pres

I know what these guys will say – comply with the law:

watchdogs iml

Some municipalities still think they write laws.  These two guys show them they don’t.

6 thoughts on “The upcoming IML conference

    1. Doubtful. At most conferences like this only the keynote speakers can command an honorarium. That said, breakout speakers, in this case, Gleason and Reece, would not be paid speakers but the price of travel ( using a personal vehicle), lodging and per diem meals would be charged to the city or town or if using their own credit cards, be reimbursed by the City or Town. Taxpayers pay no matter the arrangement.

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  1. Great, the proper use of smoke and mirrors, the science of racketeering, how to successfully lie cheat and steal, and the art of absentee voting at city council meetings.

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  2. MORE of the same BS that they “learn” at other conferences, and I’d almost BET that most won’t attend the WATCHDOGS!! Why? Because laws don’t matter when you’re the king..

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