Tari Then and Now plus council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

May 11, 2016, Tari on WJBC:  https://audioboom.com/posts/4551685-tari-renner-bloomington-mayor-5-11-16?t=0

At the very end:  Tari states that having NO Video Gaming in Bloomington should be on the table.  He groused about it making more need for police, especially when combined with alcohol.

The rest is entertaining if you want to relive history.  Downtown, downtown, downtown.  He still wanted a hotel and he thought VenuWorks was a breath of fresh air.

Last night – Bloomington City Council, Tari becomes a capitalist!  Does this mean “Right Fit” is gone now Tari?  Or, was Tari pandering to get reelected.  He has never been capitalist before.

See 1:00:00.  Tari thinks the Free Market should decide how many gaming terminals are in Bloomington!  The Council didn’t agree.  On a 5-4 vote the truck stops will only have 5 machines instead of 10.  If the local taxes on diesel fuel don’t keep them truckin’ down the road, maybe not being able to access a little entertainment will.

Guess who showed up in a suit last night?

suit     Instead of this: clown 2   Jenn Carillo phoned in her votes – literally.  Tari kept calling her Crabill when asking her opinion.  (over and over, and over)

Public comment starts at 6:40.  Many spoke about video gambling.  A lady at 12:30 spoke about immigrants, leaving off the illegal part.  I have no clue what her point was.  Either laws matter or they don’t, to her they don’t.  When she got to “legal” immigrants, she mentioned one from Puerto Rico.  She doesn’t know they are US citizens?

Neal Uphoff was next representing his father Ken.  His family wants to buy the land back taken in the Mackinaw River Basin by eminent domain.  The City has since drilled new wells, according to Neal the basin is no longer needed or usable.  Has he got the City’s attention yet or does the family need to sue?

Too bad Jenn wasn’t there in person to hear Regina Noland.  21:55.  Regina thinks Jenn should appreciate living in this country and treat citizens accordingly.   Regina included Jenn’s failure to say the Pledge of Allegiance, her Gypsy shenanigans, and texting while people are speaking.  She also mentioned Tari’s comments about Clarence Thomas including the media and Council’s failure to hold him accountable.

Tim Gleason got his raise without any Council discussion.  The ordinances are always included in the Council packet on-line so people know what is being voted on.  Funny, the salary increase ordinance isn’t included.  Gleason will now make  $191,475, more than David Hales made – 185,190.  The Council Social Justice Warriors would be screaming if a private company CEO made that much, nothing last night but praises during alderman comment.  See 1:20:00




9 thoughts on “Tari Then and Now plus council last night

  1. “At the very end: Tari states that having NO Video Gaming in Bloomington should be on the table.”
    How about having NO mayor in Bloomington and Normal? Can I get an amen? Put yer hands up in the air people and shout it out. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Yeehaa!

  2. The reason for Councilperson Gomez’s inability to attend the City Councilpersons meeting seemed rather vague. In town ? out of town ? working for whom? activist or political work ? Mr. Mayor, you talk too much. Your opinions should not under most circumstances be voiced.

  3. While it would not have made any difference in outcomes I do no believe one should be allowed to “phone it in”. What is to stop someone from saying they are talking to a council member that is absent when they really are not?
    If you want to vote and represent your people, show up. It is not like when the job was taken one would not know when the meetings would be held. Plan accordingly.

  4. Interesting that Renner is all for the poorest blowing their money on marijuana and paying taxes on it but not gambling. People won’t be able to control themselves with either. Same with liquor but that hasn’t stopped them from liquor licenses.

    Just increase the gambling terminal fee, the next few years, say $525, then $550, then $575, etc Seems like the businesses and state are all profiting a ton anyway; it’s a goldmine for them too. Plow that money straight into the roads.

  5. I AGREE, NO council person should be allowed to “phone in” their votes. This is just ANOTHER example of Jen’s disrespect for the people she is SUPPOSED to represent. And YES, Tari does babble on rather boringly.. Maybe he feels we’re listening??
    On the subject of Tari, I can see WHY he’d become a capitalist, since he took office and has basically destroyed ANY possibility of further economic development, he’s going to NEED a NEW revenue stream to support his “kingdom”!!

  6. “He groused about it making more need for police, especially when combined with alcohol.” So, when has the police ever been called since the beginning of legalized video poker issue? He tried that statement once before a couple of years ago and was proven to be incorrect by the bar owners with a police official being questioned about it at the time. Deceive to achieve,,,ole’ Taxin’ Tari is at it again.

  7. Wonder if a message was sent “down” suggesting for Crabill to rationalize his choice of attire?

  8. Talk about LAZY! Jenn to good to show up to council meetings? Correct me if I’m wrong but isnt that what taxpayers are paying her for is to be AT the meetings. Is she lazy or smart enough to realize by phoning in she doesnt have to face the taxpayers who pay her salary. As for the video gaming issue. The truckers can just move on down the road to Heyworth if they want their fuel and their video. Hucks in Heyworth has both!

  9. Wonder if Crabs got an earful from the State Farm higherups, or his constituents, about the little t-shirt stunt. The Council loves businesses and the marketplace because it makes for easy prey to apply (ever-increasing) taxes. Renner isn’t pro-business he’s pro taxing business. He’s torn between his elitist contempt for gaming machines and the tax revenue he can spend on his agenda. Hence the flipflopping. Is Gleason still the highest-paid central planner, er…city manager, in Illinois? I’d like to hear about his accomplishments.

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