One final response to Kathleen

By:  Diane Benjamin

One person responded to Kathleen Lorenz’s survey with more information than requested.  He accuses Kathleen of campaigning one way on issues and then changing after being reelected.  Then he goes on to call Stan Nord “not a nice guy” and a “bully”.

Jeff must prefer politicians that misrepresent their positions to get elected over one guy standing up for taxpayers.  Jeff, the bullies are the Council members who are trying to silence Stan.  They want the tax and spend fleece to continue, Stan doesn’t.


10 thoughts on “One final response to Kathleen

  1. Note to Stan: Keep being a bully and acting unprofessional to Kathleen Lorenz. We believe that you are acting in the same spirit as our great president. We love you challenging the establishment and we love that you are challenging Fuhrer Koos and Swamp Rats like Kathleen Lorenz. Keep up the good work!


      1. Asking questions is challenging them – which they see as acting unprofessional – which is border line crazy if you think about it. They have had this little game all to themselves for so long that someone like Stan asking questions is very disturbing to them. This is the same response that you see from the liberal establishment when our great President Trump speaks the truth or challenges them. They lose their minds… they say the president is a bully… they say he is not acting “presidential”. And we say: Good for him… he is saying what we are thinking… he is saying what we want to say….he is on our side…. he is fighting for us. Stan is fighting for the people and the liberal establishment hates him for it.

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    1. I bet that old Jeff here doesn’t like our great President Trump fighting back on Twitter like he does. I am sure he would prefer a scripted Obama “feel good but do nothing” response that protects the status quo while petting the heads of the people (sheep). Sorry Jeff – it’s in your face with the truth and yes we have questions that need to be asked and Stan appears to be asking them for us. The world has changed and the people are rising up to take back our governments from the elitists, globalist and con men (like you) and this swamp rat K Lorenz.


  2. Mayor Kooky Koos uses the bully pulpit every chance he gets AND as admitted to using the bully pulpit. THAT is the culture of this and many past councils under the Kooky Koos regime. Anyone who disagrees with Kooky Koos and his miniions on the council will be labeled by them in some negative manner while refusing to admit the same themselves. Kooky Koos and the out of touch demonrat party live to bully others as their platform is a proven to be, failure communist ideology.


  3. Some people can’t handle the truth. IMO, Stan is not a bully but rather painfully honest. I prefer people like that than someone who speaks with a forked tongue.

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  4. I do not see Stan’s email to her or anyone else as bullying. He is asking questions and learning. Their problem is that this is seen as challenging or bullying behavior.

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  5. Wowzer! Jeff believes Stan is a bully? You have got to be kidding me. Seriously Jeff is delusional. Stan and Karen are not being unprofessional, in fact quite the opposite. If Jeff is the type of person Lorenz listens to She is an idiot. (See me calling her an idiot is kind of bullying). Stan is absolutely nothing like Trump in his demeanor. It’s almost as if Kathleen and Jeff are living in an alternate reality.

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  6. Sounds like Jeff has overdosed on KOOLAID ! Stan and Karen are exactly what city council reps should be, for the people and the Constitution ! You want to see the perfect example of bully Jeff, look over at Koos. He’s been the one lying about Stan to the Ragograph and WGLT & WJBC not Stan.

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