Lorenz, Koos, and Nord PART 2

By:  Diane Benjamin

See Part 1 here:  https://blnnews.com/2019/08/26/lorenz-koos-and-nord/

Questions for Kathleen:

  • Why do the opinions of only a few matter?
  • Why were the opinions of those wanting to save the building in Uptown with the mural immaterial?
  • Why were the opinions of the people not served by Connect Transit immaterial?  The Working Group isn’t even discussing those issues.
  • Why were the people in Blackstone Trails ignored when all they wanted was the fire station moved across the street?
  • Why were the opinions of people not wanting Trail East built ignored?

3rd Question:

Question 3

3 respa3 respb

3 respc

3 respd

3 respe3 respf

3 respg

4th question:  Bonus!

4 question

4 respa4 respaa4 respb4 respc4 respd

4 respe

4 respf

4 respg

The comments in both stories are in the order of who wrote them, see names below.  The Attorney General’s office considers emails to elected officials the same as public comment where the name of the speaker is known.  Only one used personal information in the email.  I briefly researched I few other.  I bet readers can provide more information.

Diana Cristy – friend and wrote a Letter to the Editor supporting Kathleen

Lou and Lindsey Mucciolo

Andy Byars

Bill Lawrence – PLR Insurance

Bob – no last name, I could guess from the email address, but I won’t.

Mark and Lynn Roberts

Tim Braida – local CPA

I have one more email to post.

One person on Kathleen’s list wanted to meet for coffee instead of emailing.


6 thoughts on “Lorenz, Koos, and Nord PART 2

  1. If these are her trusted advisers, I can see why she is such a clueless tool of the Koos’ Posse. They all seem to be milk-toast elitists who haven’t ventured out of their comfortable worlds for decades.


  2. On a positive note, these elitist establishment go-to people generally appear to be frustrated and angry with Koos, Reece, the Council, and Connect Transit. (Admittedly, the tone is not always easy to detect in an email.) While I would be a little more direct and angry, it seems that even these townies once in lockstep with the establishment tax-and-spend-to-no-end leadership are breaking ranks. This is good news! Hopefully, Lorenz gets the message. If these folks feel this way, imagine what the average taxpaying citizen might say if Lorenz had the guts to ask them.

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      1. And if WLGT’s attempt to do ‘Russian-style election interference’ is an accurate indicator, she was Koos’ 4th choice so the voters rejected his top 3. (At a minimum, they rejected his top 2…)


  3. Funny thing is that Normal had an excellent PR person on staff that left when they got screwed over so Normal could hire Dan Irvin.


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