Lorenz, Koos, and Nord – PART 1

See Part 2:  https://blnnews.com/2019/08/27/lorenz-koos-and-nord-part-2/

By:  Diane Benjamin


In the above article Chris Koos said this to WGLT when he tried to denigrate Stan Nord:

koos calls out Stan

Has WGLT or the Pantagraph reported Stan Nord has proof Koos lied to them?    https://blnnews.com/2019/08/23/the-normal-council-knew-the-truth/


According to Koos, Trustees aren’t allowed to gather information – the staff does that.

Does the apply to Kathleen Lorenz too Mayor?

More info received by FOIA:  

Lorenz dozen

1st Question:


Lorenz received 8 responses, here are 7 of them.  The eighth covers numerous topics – I will post that one separately.  

1 respa1 respb1 respc1 respd1 respe1 respf1 respg

2nd Question:


2 respg

2 respf

2 respe

2 respd

2 respc

2 respb

2 respa

The other two questions have to do with Connect Transit and Normal hiring a PR Spokesperson, maybe those tomorrow.

A couple things are obvious from the responses.  Some citizens voice opinions without really knowing anything about the topic.  Also, informed citizens should email the Trustees.

Why does Kathleen Lorenz get to talk to citizens while Koos thinks Stan should leave it to the staff?









15 thoughts on “Lorenz, Koos, and Nord – PART 1

  1. The big question for me is who is she talking to? Who is she listening to? Who are these dozen “got to” residents who made her short list? R.C McBride? Cheryl Gaines? Dave shields? Mike McCurdy? Julie Hile?


      1. I’m sure we’re all curious, but like most of life’s difficult questions, the answer is ‘it depends.’ It depends on to what extent they are just an echo chamber vs a true, diverse focus group. Based on the answers so far and not knowing any names, I’d say they’re somewhere in between. I’ve been called ‘maybe Too nice’, but for now, I’d lean towards respecting their privacy, but respect Diane’s judgement whatever is decided.

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      2. An observation. This is a “workgroup” that has a potential direct line to influence her decisions on council, the people should know who is speaking as it does effect them. More than just the workgroup pay taxes. It is a workgroup much like the connect transit fiasco, we know their names which gives us the opportunity to connect with them, especially to offer our condolences as they are being totally ignored. It’s a Monday and this is a tough call….but it is your blog and I am open to being told I am off base.
        But to the really important part. Yes mayor Koos, (HSIC) tell me how you justify her gathering of information from her fiefdom but Stan Nord…not allowed? I think riding that bicycle has ruptured your brain which is what is located on what sits on that bicycle seat..
        ….and if Regina thinks I should practice what I preach, I will note my opinions here affect nothing directly.


  2. Answer: 1.) Hypocrisy. (Do as I say, not as I do.)
    2.) Whoever started the rumor that Lorenz is a “Republican” is mistaken. She backs Koos, or she wouldn’t be there. Does she ever raise questions like Stan or Karyn? Does Koos treat her as poorly as he treats Stan and Karyn?

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    1. I don’t care whether she’s a republican or a democrat. What I care about is she serving the PEOPLE she represents, or is she more concerned about protecting those on the council that act, talk, think like her? This council/mayor is obviously completely unprepared for a well-needed disruption like what Stan and Karyn brings. That being said, if this community doesn’t stand behind both of them STRONGLY, they will be over-powered by the mayor, the rest of the people who just show up and never raise questions, or the city manager who thinks it’s not the council’s job to represent the people and raise issues that need to be raised in order to run a town efficiently and with transparency!

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    2. I have seen Kathleen bring up counter-arguments, but I’ve never seen her push the issue(s) like Stan. Kind of left me wondering if I was watching scripted political theatre – “Okay, you and you bring up issues X and Y and vote no, so we can get the item passed but still show the council considers all sides and isn’t always unanimous.” Or maybe she just didn’t feel as strongly about representing the taxpayers as Stan does. Or maybe she was just resigned to the fact that she was going to be outvoted.

      Stan *should* be the de facto leader of the council now, with him bringing up neglected issues, Karyn being a fiscally responsible Dem, and Kathleen and Scott self-identifying as Republicans, but the incumbents never seem to have his back. Something to think about going forward…


  3. It will be very interesting to see who is in the Lorenz posse? A select group I imagine? Not like the riff raff that Stan associates with… It will be interesting to see if anyone in the Lorenz posse is also in the Fuhrer Koos clueless elitist posse too?
    And finally tonight – some of you will really like this – Robert Frost “Our Doom To Bloom” (1950) https://youtu.be/LprevfoLbig


  4. More evidence of the selective club mentality that has run BN for years. I’m sure most of the names will be recognizable if divulged and when. If you are an average citizen, want to be involved in the policies of your community and don’t have a familiar name you are wasting your time being involved because the local oligarchs don’t care. I’ve known this for years. The only reason I post on any local news site is to at least expose these frauds.


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