Comparing government to government

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently local governments don’t know that a $15 minimum wage is coming thanks to the State of Illinois.  Your taxes will go up along with the price of everything.  People will lose jobs because mandatory wages mean some businesses will cease to exist.  Other businesses will increase the price of their products and services to cover the additional cost.  Hours will be cut meaning benefits will be lost.  Laws have consequences, government doesn’t understand the obvious.

The Urbana Park District decided to hire GovHR to do a survey for them of how much other cities pay their parks employees.  Of course the salaries won’t be compared to how much these same people would be paid in the private sector where pensions don’t exist.  Government always compares salaries to what other governments pay.

Received by FOIA:

This was sent to Bloomington:  Urbana Park District Salary and Benefits Survey

It looks like Bloomington participated in the survey.  When it’s done they will receive a copy of the results.  Salaries in the future will be based on the results.  Urbana will use it to increase  salaries for their employees.  Other cities will too.  Their employees will keep them in office by vote.  The taxpayers of Urbana paid for their own demise and they probably don’t know.

Keep in mind, GovHR is the organization that located David Hales for Joliet.  That didn’t end well.

7 thoughts on “Comparing government to government

  1. Normal has already started planning for the $15 increase and it’s not looking good. There’s going to be many position cuts, especially in the park and rec department. Public works will also likely see an impact in having to cut the part time positions completely. Local governments just sat idly by while the state pushed this through and didn’t say a word. Now they’re going to be left scrambling.

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  2. AND,,,retail sales are down in this town, in this state. Renner and Koos are fiddling while (their) cities burn. It’s as if,,,wait a minute,,,it’s as if the destruction is intentional. But of course both of those two are too dumb to fully understand the circumstances that it will entail. Power trippin’ village idiots I’d say. Off to the stocks for the peasants to line up with rotten tomatoes and such.

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  3. Old Stanky and others. The destruction is intentional. And I won’t let koos and renner off the hook for being too dumb. Those two were put in place for a reason–to destroy Bloomington and Normal. They’re both doing too fine a job, just as they’re supposed to.


  4. The city mandated minimum wage in NYC is already affecting employers, employees and services. Layoffs, rise in cost of products and services, moratorium on overtime, cutting of hours are just some of the results of a minimum $15 wage in its first year.

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    1. Perhaps a look at Seattle is in order. One of the first major metropolitan centers to create a 15 minimum wage, I have heard that the elected officials have repealed and scrapped the 15 minimum wage because… guessed it…….the costs aren’t sustainable. Imagine that! Pritsker, Madigan and all of the state elected officials will be long gone before the citizens of Illinois understand how they were played. I believe Ben Franklin said “A person willing to trade freedom for security, deserves neither”

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  5. I guess we’ll find out how much the left supports the minimum wage hike when it’s implemented and directly impacts something they care about. Ready over there at Green Top Grocery? Anyone wanna invest in an Uptown hotel now? Start a restaurant at 1 Uptown Circle? By the way, this isn’t just the minimum wage going up. Wages for jobs that are currently at $15 and even higher will necessarily be forced up. We don’t need a stat sheet to know that retail sales have been declining in Bloomington-Normal for some time now. The wage hike will only hasten the deceleration of sales and tax receipts. Which means, you guessed it…higher taxes and fees!

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    1. We need to stop letting the propagandists (fill in the blank with sports analogy of your choice for a clearly unfair competition). Very few people oppose immigration – the real issue is illegal aliens. Very few people support gun violence – the real issue is the right to self-defence. Very few people support exploitative wages – the real issue is the Minimum Unemployment Rate.
      If your labor skills aren’t worth $15, or close enough that you can ramp up to that in a reasonable amount of time, with some rare exceptions, it will now be illegal for you to get meaningful employment. The higher you raise the rate, the more people will be unemployed and unemployable. I can’t believe that everyone that supports raising the Minimum Unemployment Rate is too stupid to realize this, so are they doing this to the working poor on purpose, or is it just callous disregard for their well being?


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