The Normal Council knew the truth!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Everything below was received by FOIA.  I received another treasure trove of emails – stay tuned.

Remember this note Mayor Koos sent to Bloomington and leaked to the media?


This note was in the Pantagraph on July 17th.

On July 26th, Stan Nord sent proof to the Mayor and the entire Council of what really happened.

Stan has always said he was contacted by a business wanting to locate in Uptown and he passed that information on to Pam Reece.  There was no “lone wolf” and no “poaching”

See everything I received pertaining to this issue here:  Stan Nord email to the Council

Note the date – July 26th.  I’m only going to show enough information to prove Stan was right and Koos lied, read the rest above:









Note this company was told they couldn’t locate in the empty first floor:


Note in the June 20th email Scott Preston was included.  He knew before the rest of the Council Koos had lied.  Did he say anything to the media?  NO.

Stan’s email to the Council concluded with this:

stan to council 1stan to council 2stan to council 3stan to council 4

Did the Council publicly support Stan?  Leak his email to the media?  No!

On August 6th Stan Nord fired back at Koos and the Council during Trustee comments.

Remember Kathleen Lorenz’s email from August 6th?


Why was Kathleen shocked?  She knew from Stan’s July 26th email Koos had lied about.  She could only be shocked if she didn’t read it.

I never expected Chemberly Cummings and Kevin McCarthy to stand for truth.  Scott Preston and Kathleen Lorenz are no better.  Knowing the truth and not doing anything about the lies means they are complicit.

Not only does Normal have a Mayor who lies, a Council and City Manager who don’t care,  a mayor who makes sweet deals for friends at taxpayer expense, –  the Mayor thinks he can advertise his business on his official Facebook page:  (he has since deleted this)

kraft koos


Taxpayers should demand some resignations.

These people aren’t working for you, they definitely aren’t public servants.

The first floor of 1 Uptown Circle could have a tenant, but they weren’t the “right fit”.

Will WGLT and the Pantagraph print the truth since both printed the lies?








10 thoughts on “The Normal Council knew the truth!

  1. This is the pervasive anti-business environment that both of our cities’ leadership continues to foster. And it is complete insanity given the reality of the ongoing disruption of both ISU and State Farm.

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      1. Exactly right! This is the problem – an anti-business attitude driven by a clueless leftist ideology rather than pragmatism, common sense and a business oriented mindset. This is exactly why socialism fails. Both of the mayors are de facto socialists and their failures are rooted in their socialist ideology.

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  2. They’re objective is to vilify and marginalize Stan and Karyn. Working with them to accomplish positive, helpful, productive goals for the town of Normal is not what they’re interested in. They have to please and satisfy people who do not live here. The objectives they must meet they learn at the progressive marxist mayor conferences. In order to be held in high esteem amongst their peers in this group, they must accomplish the goals set forth which disregard the high taxes imposed on tax payers in order to achieve these objectives. So what if there’s an increase of $20 on a water bill. Who cares that property taxes go up every year and are the 1st & 2nd highest in the country? Who cares that we pay more for gasoline? Who cares that we pay higher sales tax? Who cares that the roads are in horrible shape? The list is much longer but I’ll just leave it there.

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    1. This is why I call him Fuhrer Koos! He does not tolerate dissent. He blames much of his troubles on “negative social media” – he is confident in himself, to the point of what I would call, “insane” in the way he thinks, acts and governs. He demands unquestioning loyalty to him and his agenda. He is right and if you disagree with him there is something wrong with you. You are either with him completely or against him.

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  3. Stan has just started to scratch the surface of the lies and corruption in Normal. Stay tuned and make sure you have plenty of popcorn handy cause its going to be must see TV !


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