Normal’s new trees and landscaping

Summit and School – Next to Calvary Baptist Church.  Normal re-did the sidewalks and created this.  If this was your yard you would be fined!  Those weeds will get as big as the small trees that died.  Maybe that’s the plan.  Don’t forget, they claim to be a “Full Service” Town.


8 thoughts on “Normal’s new trees and landscaping

  1. The location is probably why they don’t care to properly landscape this. Now if this was in a different location in town, near people of consequence, it would matter. Fell. Broadway. You know the neighborhood.

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  2. Where’s the Ecology Action Center? Have we heard from them on the issue of the dead trees and now overgrown and unmaintained flora? Oh, that’s right…they only lecture “evil” private businesses and citizens. By the way, implicit in the term “full service” is actually providing a service. Normal is “full” of something, service it is not.


  3. Where I live it is my responsibility to mow/maintain the grass and landscaping on both sides of the sidewalk even though part of that is considered the city’s easement. Is that not the case in Normal? I had to pay a ton of money last summer to re-seed after the city installed our new sidewalks.


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