Chemberly isn’t fit to serve

By:  Diane Benjamin

Stan Nord has been trying to fix a few things in Normal since before he was elected.  Everybody should know by now the Town has been throwing away taxpayer dollars paying property taxes they don’t owe.

Stan has tried to bring some other Council members into the discussion in an attempt to prevent this from happening in the future.

He sent this email to Trustee Chemberly Cummings:

stan to chem

Did she respond?  No, this is what she did instead:

chem to Stan

Go back to this story and read what Stan Nord wrote to the Council:

Who is representing YOU and who isn’t?

Chemberly did have time to organize a Racial Equity Summit however.

8 thoughts on “Chemberly isn’t fit to serve

  1. You are correct. She is unfit to serve, and she has demonstrated that since before the election. Stan is trying to find ways to save our taxpayer dollars, and no one else cares to even consider it. This is truly unacceptable. It does prove the following, however. They are absolutely NOT serving the taxpaying citizens of Normal AND they are fully supportive of bloated, inefficient government. They apparently want to funnel tax dollars to McLean County coffers THAT WE DON’T OWE. Why?

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  2. She is representing someone for sure but it is not the taxpayers. Quite the attitude she has! She needs to answer to the taxpayers as to exactly why she will not respond to Stan’s email? What is going on here? So is it Fuhrer Koos and his posse against Stan Nord and the taxpayers? It sure looks like it?

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  3. We used to call Chubberly’s attitude “uppity”, but now that would probably get you fired, your children taken away, and you maybe even imprisoned.

    I’ll take my chances–I always call “a spade a spade”.


  4. Another squealer!!! This is not grade school. Grow up and respond to your colleague. Ms. Reece is an employee and works at the pleasure of the Council…not the other way around.

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  5. They’ve run roughshod over the people for so long. Someone is finally in a position to question EVERYTHING that has previously been rubber stamped. She ‘will not respond’ to him? Grow up and do your job for once.

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