Did Chris Koos LIE?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember when the media did a story Chris Koos evidently fed to them about Stan Nord going rogue?  Koos wrote a letter to Tari Renner and the media ended up with it.


koos letter

Let’s start with Koos’ first claim:  a Normal Council member went “lone wolf” to recruit across borders.

I had filed a FOIA request before this incident for all emails between City Manager Pam Reece and Stan Nord.  I wanted to see conversations.  I finally received it yesterday.

Start with this email from Stan Nord to Pam Reece.  Note Chris Koos and Scott Preston RECEIVED this email too:

StantoPamChris Koos:  Please explain where Stan Nord went “lone wolf”.

The story is obviously just what Nord told the media.  He was contacted by a company who wanted to locate in Uptown and he forwarded the information to City Manager Pam Reece and copied Koos and another member of the council.

It gets better!

This is Reece’s reply to Stan’s email, also copying the same Chris Koos and Scott Preston:


Some things to note:

Both emails are dated June 20th, the Pantagraph story with Koos’ letter is dated July 17th.  Chris Koos was on a campaign to shut down Stan Nord and Karyn Smith for weeks, he was failing because taxpayers loved how both are saving them money.

Chris Koos needs to explain why his first statement about Stan Nord going “lone wolf” is not a flat out lie!

The emails prove Nord wasn’t “lone wolf”.   Chris Koos knew, Pam Reece knew, and so did two other people.

Why would any company want to locate in Normal where lying is evidently sanctioned by the Town leaders?

Scott Preston:  You allowed the media to print Koos’ allegations and said nothing?  Where is your credibility?

Pam Reece:  Ditto for you.  Is your character non existent?  You are a public servant?

Media:  Your ability to fact check before writing a story proves local media is corrupt, feckless, or just plain useless.  WGLT did the same story.

Did you get played or were you complicit?

Part 2:  https://blnnews.com/2019/07/31/did-chris-koos-lie-part-2/




22 thoughts on “Did Chris Koos LIE?

  1. Koos is acting like a child. He can’t defend his policy decisions so he resorts to lies and a smear campaign. Stan knows he’s in the clear and, better still, can easily prove it. Bottom line, Koos has no defense for the failures of his policies, which are on full display in Uptown. Is anyone interested in an underperforming hotel that can’t even stay afloat with government subsidies? Or how about a first-floor restaurant space with sky-high rent and bad parking? How much debt did Normal go into for a bunch of bars, knickknack shops, and empty hotels? Koos is trying to shut Stan up when all Stan is doing (and has to do) is hold a mirror up to Koos. People have caught on. Koos knows his popularity is in the toilet, even among the establishment. This is almost too fun to watch!

  2. It is a foundational tenet of Marxist (Communist) ideology that to lie in order to advance “The Cause” is permitted, even encouraged. Mark my words, Mayor Chris and his Brother come from a family of long-time, committed, hardcore Leftists–the kind that probably had a picture of “Uncle Joe” Stalin hanging lovingly in their dining room. (Seriously–if rumors are true.) When political power is at state, don’t expect one word of truth out of either of them.
    It’s not in their value system or ideological DNA.

  3. WOW! Progress in UPTOWN and mr koos isn’t involved? That’s SERIOUS stuff!
    Next thing you know the UPTOWN LUNATICS will just BUY the #1 mudhole and that way THEY can CONTROL what goes in there.
    KEEP IT UP STAN! We’re footing the bill, and mr koos HAS TO GO!

  4. Continuing kudos to Mr. Nord. This situation reeks with Koos’ desperation, and apparently he’s foolish enough to realize that written documents won’t be discovered. The voters of Normal need to be aware of this blatant attempt at political slander.

  5. Shenanigans like what Koos did and what Renner does is part of the reason new businesses don’t want to locate here. Economic development, anyone?

  6. As to your question where is Scott Preston’s credibility, that went out the window a long time ago with his room service incidents on the tax payer’s dime. In the real world this kind of stuff gets you fired. In politics it gets you reelected. This kid’s an empty suit who tries to present himself as a conservative when it’s convenient for him to do so. He’s building a resume for being a professional politician and needs to go in the next election.

  7. Any moment now, the mayor’s brother will be defending him.
    Is it any wonder neither of the mayors want to combine the cities? They don’t want to give up their reign!

  8. Not so much “reign” as it is EGO, and ego survives through the mouth, as WHAT comes out of the mouth , FEEDS the ego……

  9. Did Chris Koos lie? Does a bear in the woods? Both have one answer. YES.
    Yes he should get censured. One can argue that this is worse than what Tari did.
    Tari was punished basically for name calling that was detrimental to the so called professional standards expected of the office.
    Chris Koos not only lied which is detrimental to the professional standards of the office, he went on further.
    He went public with his accusations to the media and in doing so made claims about another person’s conduct.
    His comments might be considered defamatory as it set another person’s ethical conduct in a bad light based on what Koos claimed to be the truth. (Tari Renner gets an assist here too)..
    Does the basis of a defamation of character suit exist? Maybe so, as his comments (lies) were made with the intent to harm another person’s perception by the public and brought to question his business ethics.
    The only other thing I am waiting to see is how fast the Pantygraph, WEEK, WMBD, WJBC and others jump on this story so the public can know the whole story. I am guessing this will occur when once again dinosaurs roam the earth.

      1. They won’t freaking touch it. But there is one hell of a comment by ABT2021 in the Pantygraph opinion section of letters to the editor today concerning don’t believe everything you hear.. )

  10. Did Koos lie? Of course he lied. Lying is an integral part of their agenda. You can pretty well expect the opposite of anything they say or anything they want to do. They promise prosperity while simultaneously doing everything to prevent it., Then, they try to convince us we need just more of it, and then it will work. It’s insanity:Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

  11. So what I think Stan Nord has here is a case of Libel and Slander against the Mayor! Nothing like breaking the laws just because you dont like Stan Nord. He tried to get Stan before the election . He tried to get Stan during council meetings . Now Koos is resorting to lying in the media. The written word is forever so if Mr.Nord has a mind to pursue this lie legally ……

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