Can Chris Koos be Trusted?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two of this weeks top read stories were about Koos lying to the media.  I hope you noticed the media hasn’t issued a correction!

I don’t know how you could have missed these stories, but if you did:

Last night I was wondering what possesses a supposed public servant to use whatever facts he chooses.  It must be because the issues brought to the Normal Town Council by Stan Nord and Karyn Smith can’t be defended by Chris Koos and company.

Then I remembered this wasn’t the first time Koos was caught fibbing!

Remember in June when Koos was getting hammered about not filling the vacant Normal seat on the Connect Transit Board?  He was silly enough to claim only one person had applied and that person wasn’t available right now.  It took two stories and a FOIA to cover that fib (LIE)

What else has the esteemed Koos been lying about?  More deals for friends?  Who can forget the $100 a month lease for the Linden St property while staff wondered if the lessee should pay the water bill?

Did you know Wild Country isn’t paying rent?  They pay the property taxes on the building Normal bought from them for Uptown 2.0.  The no-rent lease now goes on forever without the Trustees ever voting to renew it.  The original details and others are in this story:

Normal planned to take possession of the building in 2017 but hasn’t yet.  Without the rubber-stamp Trustees Koos wanted on the Council, they never will.

Strikes against Chris Koos are starting to add up!

Can anything out of his mouth be trusted?

Acting like a public servant with a fiduciary duty to taxpayers seems out of his ethical realm.

The rest of the Trustees saying nothing says pretty much the same thing about them.







7 thoughts on “Can Chris Koos be Trusted?

  1. The level of self-deception is off the charts. Both mayors believe they have the best interests of the cities at heart. However, their actions do not come from a place of benevolence. The fact that people are challenging them and keeping them accountable is hard for them to fathom. The smirks on their faces when “listening” to the citizens is telling. They pat us on the head and tell us to trust them. The coliseum and Uptown are two of many reasons we don’t believe anything they say.

  2. Lying and deception are the two main tools in his tool box. He is most untrustworthy. Progressive Communist democrats convince people to buy into their lame brain nonsense by lying. They say things will be wonderful, but the opposite is the case. If they ever did tell the truth about the actual result of their plans, no one would want them.

  3. Deceive to ACHIEVE! It’s ONE thing to lie, but then when you’re PROVEN wrong, to make up ANOTHER lie to cover it is just plain stupid!

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