Nikita, where are you?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Think back folks.  Nikita Richards accused Kathy Michael of voter suppression because the kids at ISU had to stand in lines.  Prediction:  The kids will show up to vote in November right before the polls close and Nikita will complain again about voter suppression at ISU.


Nikita hasn’t said a word about the fiasco still happening in Iowa.  Is that because the Democrats caused it?  Does Nikita think fair elections aren’t held by Republicans but Democrats can’t possibly obstruct democracy?  Many Democrats just can’t count?

I predict all elections in McLean County will be run much smoother than Iowa.  Nikita will complain anyway.

What happened to one person one vote Nikita?  Are the Iowa Democrats discriminating against minorities, like socialists?

I wonder what Nikita thinks about the lady who wanted to change her vote after she found out Pete Buttigieg was gay?

The two minute video is priceless, but it does reveal what we already know:  Democrats are clueless when they vote.

It also proves which party discriminates!  Democrats are really in the closet against those out of the closet.

It looks like Democrats should be cleaning their own house!

Failure to complain about the Iowa caucus by both the McLean County Democrats and Nikita Richards means they have no credibility in future elections here.

Even Jenn Carrillo made a Facebook comment – so classy:

carrillo IOWA









12 thoughts on “Nikita, where are you?

  1. Nitka is like the groundhog. However she appears every two years from her hole and her thoughts are about as accurate and based on provable fact as the groundhog.
    On the primaries. The system is a joke period. All primaries should be held on the same day.
    A few years back the election results were not allowed to be used to declare a winner nationally until all polls were closed due to the fear it might influence those states whose polls were still open. So why is it okay for early states to set the tone for later states in primaries?

  2. My FAVORITE DEMOCRAT was the winner in Iowa last eve—- NOBODY! The door is STILL open. BUT I did hear on NPR that they THOUGHT that TRUMP won the REPUBLICAN vote!
    So, lemme put this in order. The Democrats want to run the country for the next 4 years, but they cannot even get a PRIMARY election right? That’s some funny SH*T!

  3. Jenn Carrillo is the definition of “sketchy shit”. I’m sure that is why she recognized it, it is familiar.

  4. Why the economy is so great, Nicky is glued to her computer at City Hall shopping, planning vacations at Club Med, and chatting with her friends on line to be bothered thing about this election. She’s a woman who has the world by the tail! I just wonder if she and Tari still take those warm cozy prom pictures together?

    1. ***Leftists.*** The Democrat party may have been liberal at one time but that has long since changed. They, and other leftists, hold on to the word for the positive connotations, like they mislabel illegal aliens as ‘immigrants’, black rifles as ‘assault weapons’, debunked global warming as ‘climate change’, a bunch of leading questions intended to be answered by a hand-picked audience a ‘Citizen Summit’, and so on…

  5. Iowa is “OVER” not “DOWN”! Missouri, Kentucky, ate down. Hope this helps you when you drive to Ohio.

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