Doug Fansler’s emails

By:  Diane Benjamin

The January 21, 2020 meeting was pretty weird.  Activists made a presentation asking the Town of Normal to develop an emergency plan because of climate change.  At last Monday’s Council meeting Doug was the only public speaker, his topic was this group and getting qquestions answered about them.  See this story for details and video:

Below is Doug’s email exchange with Pam Recce.  It appears Mayor Koos invited the group, he definitely approved their appearance.  Was Koos trying to plant seeds of “We have to do something”?  Doug mentioned during his comments that emergency agencies already exist.  This group must not realize people need to take care of themselves, at least on a short term basis.  Make a plan and then work the plan.

Pam must think citizens are required to email the entire Council, I bet Doug left Chemberly Cummings and Kevin McCarthy off for good reasons.

See the second email if you want time in front of the Council.  I’d love to hear who gets rejected.

doug a

Doug 1


Doug 2

doug 3

doug 4

doug 5



11 thoughts on “Doug Fansler’s emails

  1. Subject: Do your children know what you do?

    Dear Pam,

    I mean seriously can you look your children in the eye? Clearly you have no problem showing them how to be an unethical Dictator, I imagine between you and grama the behavior has been normalized. Is Sonja’s son abusing you? Clearly you either think you are a queen, you are just a unethical public servant, or you have been gaslighted to the point you don’t understand what is going on. DCFS should do a welfare check on your children. You can’t possibly be responsible for the care and wellbeing of any other human being.

    Please forward this to the Royal Fortress, I don’t have her email and I’m not wasting the time to look it up. I would hate for one of your masters not to receive this. I know how upsetting it is for you when someone is left out, unless of course they are a regular citizen.

    To be clear I didn’t copy this to Council Members Nord and Smith because they do not assume the position of your master. However feel free to forward to them because I’m not ashamed of what I write or say…you know I would say it while the tape was rolling and not let it slip when I thought the mic was off because I am very different from you.


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    1. Pam is becoming more and more like her mom in law every day. Flash back to Queen Sonia , the ruler of the council. As for looking her children in the eye,my guess they are carbon copies of grandma Sonia.

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  2. It looks like irrefutable evidence that Koos and his pals are rigging the Town Council meeting by prescreening and approving speakers. Normal should rename “Public Comment” to Government-Approved Comment”.

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  3. Pam sounds to me like a “feel good and we’ll ALL be good to go” type of bureaucrat! Just like Renner, Koos Pritzker, et al, politicians with THIS kind of attitude/belief HAVE to go, as they are not only POISON to the citizens and the electorate, but themselves as well. TIME to start the “ROARING 20’s” with a NEW attitude!! Prosperity and cooperation. Which Stan and others are TRYING to achieve-LET’S HELP THEM IN THIS ENDEAVOR!
    Ole Nancy showed her TRUE COLORS last evening when she ripped up Trumps State of the UNION address.
    No matter WHAT, he IS Commander in Chief! ASK any military person, WHO’S the BOSS!

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  4. Lol, climate change. Well check out weather modification you fools! Gee, a little history lesson on those power hungry maniacs out there? Politics anyone? Evil people do exist. And yeah I am talking to the climate change/global warming lemmings club.

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  5. Bill Rau goes way back. Been in the area stirring up trouble, trying to make a name for himself for years. Pretty sure the Pantagraph archives will turn up old Letters to the Editor. And don’t ya just love the air of legitimacy: Union for Concerned Scientists. Give me a break. They are always working the angles. Looking for yet ANOTHER REASON to increase taxes, increase fees, employee another activist because they think the sky is falling. Just more garbage from the usual subjects.

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