Ruffling Normal’s feathers 😁

By: Diane Benjamin Normal’s brand new budget: PDF page 122: How much is on Line Item 19-90? Flip to PDF page 95: Temporary Detour: Hey Normal: It isn’t difficult to believe you would spend that kind of money for retirements when you bought 1.69 acres $450,000 to build a new fire station! You have […]

The saga of Monday’s Normal meeting continues

By:  Diane Benjamin Story #3 has links to stories #1 and #2: The meeting was over 3 hours, this story means I’ve made it to the 8 minute mark!  Progress. 3 people spoke at Public Comment, two talked about the new soccer complex.  Doug Fansler spoke on more than 1 topic, the first being […]

Remember the letter leaked to WGLT about Stan?

By:  Diane Benjamin In case you forgot, see this story: WGLT did a story attacking Stan Nord using a letter City Manager Pam Reece sent to Stan Nord.  WGLT couldn’t possibly have obtained it by FOIA.  That letter was leaked to them, yes folks your government is either anti-business or willing to destroy anyone […]

Doug Fansler’s emails

By:  Diane Benjamin The January 21, 2020 meeting was pretty weird.  Activists made a presentation asking the Town of Normal to develop an emergency plan because of climate change.  At last Monday’s Council meeting Doug was the only public speaker, his topic was this group and getting qquestions answered about them.  See this story for […]

Update: Stan Nord makes a GREAT point

A little of what Craig Stimpert and Ron Ulmer said at public comment is on this WHOI news report: By:  Diane Benjamin Since there is no video of Public Comment from Monday’s Council meeting, there is no permanent record of what was said. Stan Nord left this comment this morning: In case the above […]