Normal: A Council of Frauds

By:  Diane Benjamin Watch the discussion of Stan Nord’s plat beginning with a speech by Mayor (hypocrite) Koos at 1:06:43.  The entire discussion is lenthy, get a cup of coffee and get comfortable. Kathleen Lorenz, Kevin McCarthy, Chemberly Cummings and the mayor all wanted Nord to pay a price for ignoring Town orders.  Attn Frauds:  […]

Doug Fansler’s emails

By:  Diane Benjamin The January 21, 2020 meeting was pretty weird.  Activists made a presentation asking the Town of Normal to develop an emergency plan because of climate change.  At last Monday’s Council meeting Doug was the only public speaker, his topic was this group and getting qquestions answered about them.  See this story for […]

Update: Stan Nord makes a GREAT point

A little of what Craig Stimpert and Ron Ulmer said at public comment is on this WHOI news report: By:  Diane Benjamin Since there is no video of Public Comment from Monday’s Council meeting, there is no permanent record of what was said. Stan Nord left this comment this morning: In case the above […]