Trifecta Koos – now lies

By:  Diane Benjamin

This meeting will take more stories to adequately cover what happened last night  This is #3.



Numerous people were appointed to boards and commissions.  Koos finally filled the empty seat on the Connect Transit Board.  Tim McCue will represent Normal, the seat has been empty for well over a year, maybe close to two.

For the first time the list of appointees was read before the Council voted, usually they vote and then read the list.  Obviously either way doesn’t give anybody time to research or object.  Bloomington publishes names in advance.  A discussion took place with mostly Karyn Smith and Stan Nord about the Connect Board not representing under-served areas.  Stan abstained from voting because his vote is his word, he couldn’t in good conscience vote for a Connect Transit Board member he had never met.

Koos was insulted that anyone dared to question one of his appointments.  He went on to claim nobody has ever questioned him before and the seat was vacant for so long because he couldn’t find anyone to fill it even though he asked a lot of people.

Chris Koos is lying.  He had lots of people who wanted the seat, they just weren’t his  “right fit”.


Karyn Smith spoke before Koos’ comments.  She wished she had a chance to talk to this appointee before the vote to see if his goal was to serve those who have to ride the bus because they have no other choice.  The current Board wants everybody riding.   Listen to Koos’ indignation at being challenged, he must think we don’t know he’s lying.  Marc Tiritilli even expressed interest numerous times, Koos never considered him.



8 thoughts on “Trifecta Koos – now lies

  1. Chris Koos clearly does not want the board members to have a voice or any input into the process. He wants to appoint candidates and expects all board members to rubber stamp his choices. Chris Koos says – “I do take this personally.” “I have been appointing people for 18 years.” Etc, etc, etc…

    I wonder when Chris Koos will break out his Protester Sale banner to hang over the entrance at his Vitesse Bike Shop again?!?!?

  2. Watching everyone’s expressions is priceless. Are you sure the Council should return to council chambers?😆

  3. The people Koos puts on the CT board have a huge impact on the lives of the disabled, poor and vulnerable. The people Koos has chosen thus far have been horrible for the disabled and poor. McCurdy has made the disabled cry at his meeting during public comment. McCurdy is a bully who cares about only ISU. Hile gets paid for consulting to normal and the county on transit issues. Her being on the CT board is a way she can ensure votes swing her way so she gets more gvt paid consulting work. She is so obviously corrupt. She could give two shits about anything except herself and steering people to fit her predefined agenda.

  4. So happy to hear that one member ask questions regarding the appointment and the other one held his vote. Finally there is atleast two people on the council that are starting to represent the residents.

  5. KInd of like asking WHO you want to be your executioner! Pull the rope and get er DONE.
    PLAIN and simple-koos NEEDS to leave office. by force or other means…

  6. Koos is unaccustomed to being questioned. It’s evident in his responses to differences of opinion and any setback. Conversely, note how those that are constantly questioned and confronted, like Stan, are able to respond professionally and address matters in a substantive manner. An old doctor buddy of mine always said bones and muscles that aren’t challenged will atrophy.

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