Koos: I don’t care what a judge says

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Normal Town Council met for over 3 hours last night. I wonder if Chris Koos and Pam Reece know their days are numbered and they are attempting to achieve nirvana before they get kicked out?  This meeting will take more than one story!

The soon to be ex-mayor took it upon himself to state why the town would continue to meet remotely instead of in person.  He obviously read or was told about the story I wrote calling this illegal:  https://blnnews.com/2020/07/05/normal-will-violate-the-law-monday-night/

It only took him 37 seconds to say court orders don’t matter:


Democrat Judge’s Order voiding every executive order from Pritzker:  ORDER-7_2_2020



Once again an Illinois politician proves laws don’t apply to them.  Of course Koos still hasn’t changed the Public Comment policy that is obviously illegal too.  What laws do matter Mayor?  Only those that trample the rights of citizens?

Let’s see the new Minister of Propaganda spin this one.  Reece likely knows who they want to hire.

6 thoughts on “Koos: I don’t care what a judge says

  1. This pandemic has little if anything to do with public health and safety. It’s first of all an attempt to get Trump defeated. After that it’s a big government power grad. Blame everything that’s wrong on a pandemic and make sure you don’t let it go to waste. Nothing is off the table with that scenario including the need for tax increases to recover dwindling tax revenue and increased pension debt. Best of all they don’t have to face their constituents by meeting on Zoom. That makes public comment difficult and shuts taxpayers up in their homes forcing them to watch this ridicules freak show on line, if people would even bother. In the mean time, it’s full speed ahead with a radical agenda that will hit taxpayers extra hard. Best of all COVID 19 is an excuse for their big government failures. They’ll never have to take responsibility for it and as long as they’re meeting from their homes online they won’t be held accountable. Say something against all this and you’ll get their worn out lines of “this is not the time for division,” “We’re in this together and we all have to do our part,” and whatever other crap we’re all sick and tired of hearing.

  2. A selection has already been made from the Koos Youth Corps. Reich Minister Reece will be coordinating with staff and local news (propaganda) outlets to select the time of the announcement. An embellished list of qualifications of the new Minister of Propaganda should be ready sometime this week.

    Remember that the truth is the enemy of Fuhrer Koos and the Town of Normal.

    So just sit down and shut up…

  3. Let’s set aside Rep. Bailey’s case in Clay County for a moment and focus on the guidelines for Illinois in phase 4 and what is permitted under those guidelines. Phase 4 specifically allows public gatherings of under 50 OR 50% of overall room capacity. This could easily be done in the Council chambers in Uptown if this mayor and Council wanted to meet in person. But, they don’t and so they’re using COVID 19 as their excuse. Not surprised by this, but wonder how long they’ll continue.

  4. Hard to face REALITY, even in the recovery “depths” of a pandemic. Especially when you’re one of the MAJOR diseases that’s the cause of the “illness” on the landscape. Only koos and reece know this SO WELL.

    And did laws REALLY EVER matter in the uptown utopia anyway?

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