Normal will violate the law Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin

The only reason units of government have been allowed to meet on-line instead of in person is because of Gov. Pritzker’s Executive orders:

Everything on that page was ruled illegal last Thursday!

Pritzker’s authority to act like a dictator expired 30 days after his first proclamation.  He made NO attempt to bring your elected representatives to the table, Pritzker acted like a dictator instead.

In case you didn’t know, the judge who ruled against Pritzker is a democrat.  He actually read the law and ruled accordingly.

Any unit of government that continues to meet on-line is violating the law and can have any actions voided.  Of course the Attorney General won’t enforce a court ruling, it would take citizens filing a lawsuit.  (Like Darren Bailey did)

Wear masks folks, you expect the rest of us to.




9 thoughts on “Normal will violate the law Monday night

  1. Break or skirt the law to financially reward buddies of Koos and Co, fleece taxpayers for pet projects, suppress public input… this happens regularly at Normal Council meetings.

    Voters put these people in office. They will continue to remain above the law until a judge says otherwise. Good luck getting a judge to look into it.

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  2. Thank goodness Kavanaugh supports Pritzker

    Do you really think reopening is realistic given the current climate. Around the country


    1. Just returned from a wonderful weekend in Indiana. Gas was $2.10, stores and restaurants were open for business inside and out, mask wearing was optional and the fireworks were good. The only bad thing was Cabela’s was running short on ammo. Social distancing was required at some places but not at others but people did have a choice. The people that wanted to go places did and the ones that didn’t stayed home. It was nice living three days in America again.

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  3. Wonderful farmers markets in both Noblesville and Fishers. Plenty of booths with normal produce for normal people. The food was fresh and booth renters didn’t try to gouge you at every turn. The Bloomington farmers market reps should take a trip their some weekend and learn how a real one is run.


  4. Gas under 2.00 all the way to Florida. Did the water parks, eat in Dennys, masks mostly optional even at WalMart. Except for 96 degrees, life was good.

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  5. As I understand the court ruling and the applicable statutes, ordinances, and policies (other than the policy to ignore statutes, ordinances, and policies when they conflict with The Plan) everything the council has voted on since mid-April is null and void – maybe if enough people speak up, we can undo the real-estate give-away or the $3M bike path extension!
    LOL – Sometimes I crack myself up! Like the council ever listens to what the people want…

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