Town of Normal is Hiring!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Either Normal is spending money they don’t have because of COVID or they have over-taxed everybody and have a huge stockpile of cash.  Without ISU students revenues have to be down, but Normal is hiring anyway.  I bet they will say:  It is in the budget:


The starting salary for this position is up to $100,000 depending on qualifications, and the complete salary range is $69,719 to $110,876. This individual will report to the City Manager.

Add another $22,000+ for benefits if the person ends up being at the high end.

The job description starts off sounding more like an HR position:

normal duties

It takes some clicking around to get to this, but how does this compare to the private sector:

normal benefits

Has the Council ever voted on this lavishness?  They probably can’t because all this was in the job description.  Unless they want sued for breach of contract, treating government employees like the private sector will never happen.

Tomorrow is the deadline for applications!  Better hurry.

15 thoughts on “Town of Normal is Hiring!

  1. They left out ‘Must be a personal friend of at least one board member and support The Plan over the people.’

  2. Its amazing how a town that refuses to communicate with its own citizens, unless you are “friends with benefits”, needs a communications director.

  3. 2 automatic raises AND a merit raise every year AND free health insurance.. this is B.S. The business shutdown has cost me my business and my employees jobs. There is no way in the private sector you can guaranteed 3 raises a year, FREE healthcare AND a lifetime pension. This screams government is out of touch with reality. To top it off this is the turd polisher to spin the town BS into gold.

  4. It’s why the demorats keep stealing elections. They’re so crooked, they know they’d be going to jail.

  5. Would be nice to see at least a symbolic gesture that the Town recognizes the extraordinary circumstances and potential lasting impacts of a prolonged downturn. You know, pause hiring, put a few capital projects on hold. Do something/anything to demonstrate to taxpayers that you acknowledge that somethin’ ain’t right and we’re being cautious and fiscally responsible. Nah… Plenty more where that came from.

  6. This is already a done deal before the job description is even posted.

    With respect to your opening sentence, this much we know to be true of the Town of Normal
    1. They’re spending money they don’t have.
    2. They’re taxing their residents too much
    3. They’re playing the pandemic for all it’s worth hoping for some type of a state or federal bail out.
    4. They need a PR person to lie to residents for them to make us think the first three scenarios are good ideas.

    1. Interesting. Not one word on the impact COVID has had on Uptown. Full speed ahead. Wish the media would ask. Haha…I know, what am I thinking over here.

      1. These are Democratic Socialist Elites. They don’t believe in or ignore fundamental economics and have no concept of macro economics.

        You know that here are people in the mainstream media here are worried but they are afraid to talk about it. Non-conformity is a way to end up jobless here and they know it.

        It’s all about protecting and perpetuating the narrative of the coming Democratic Socialist Utopia.

  7. I’d imagine this one is already in the bag. A local loyalist of Koos or another rat from the sinking ship that is Decatur? Stan – If you’re reading, it’s really simple…this is a clear demonstration of how out of touch the Town of Normal is with its citizens and their lives. Exposing this to the light of day will get people fired up real fast. How many people would do anything to have even half their hours back? The salary, benefits, and other perks for this position are revolting.

  8. Instead of relying on Stan to read this blog and shed light on it, you could sign up and speak at public comment. I am sure he would appreciate others pointing out fiscal irresponsibility.

  9. If Pam hires the PR person, then after Mark Teritili is elected mayor, his first move should be to instruct Pam to let this person go. Second move, ask Pam to look in the mirror and repeat the same conversation.

  10. This is a Director position which implies there will be underlings…additional employees.

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