Is Bloomington keeping the $1.4 million property?

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Follow-up to this story:

According to the reader:

I was working around 807 N Main that you had in an article yesterday. There is no for sale sign on the property. The parking lot in the rear is being used for parking the vacuum trucks for the sewer camera project the city is doing. There is also a temporary water pressure tank there too. The city must have bought it for their own use.


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10 thoughts on “Is Bloomington keeping the $1.4 million property?

  1. The City spends an awful lot of taxpayer money to keep the private sector from starting and growing businesses in Bloomington. Unreal. I’d imagine Tari and the gang bought the property (with our money) thinking that they’d get the TIGER grant and would be able to offload the property to someone deemed to be the “right fit”. Is Austin going to spin this vacancy as another amazing opportunity for a top tier retailer?

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    1. I too saw the sign (last week) but thought that it might pertain to just the nursing home building, not the entire property. Don’t know for sure, though.


  2. In other news, Bloomington council woman Julie Emig was named Director of the McLean County Museum of History. The hits just keep on coming.

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  3. More than likely the city is probably just using the property as a staging area for the project since they still own the land at this time.

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