Win a Tiny House!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mike Gilmore of Gilmore Homes built a Tiny House and donated it to the Midwest Food Bank and Spread Truth to help raise money for their mission.  You can see pics of this adorable house here plus a lot more information:  Tiny House Big Impact_Ticket Champion Orientation

Buy tickets here:

This link has all the details about the raffle including terms and conditions.  Check it out!


3 thoughts on “Win a Tiny House!

  1. Of course you’ll have to check your zoning and covenants (if apply) to find out where you’re allowed to park the house. Most likely not allowed in BloNo.

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  2. That’s one of the nicest “tiny” house builds I have seen. The materials list is top notch. $75 for a 1/2000 chance is pretty good odds. The downside is its also a good lesson in how we are all govt mules. You will have to be prepared to write a check to the IRS for 12k on the spot to take delivery. So unless you are prepared financially to contribute to Uncle Sugar’s charitable foundation you can’t afford to win.


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