The saga of Monday’s Normal meeting continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

Story #3 has links to stories #1 and #2:

The meeting was over 3 hours, this story means I’ve made it to the 8 minute mark!  Progress.

3 people spoke at Public Comment, two talked about the new soccer complex.  Doug Fansler spoke on more than 1 topic, the first being meeting in person.  Citizens now have the RIGHT to talk about items not on the Agenda – Koos didn’t cut him off like he has done previously to other speakers.  Koos did scold Doug after he spoke, nobody cares what he says since he is violating the rights of citizens to address their elected officials.  If the Attorney General won’t rule citizens can change the rule themselves!

The only good part of these on-line meetings is being able to see how little some of the Trustees care about what is being said.  They could at least pretend to listen.  Watch Doug’s phone call, he also talked about the Communications Director position, fixing West College, and Chemberly Cummings’s “sign” during the Pledge.  Doug had 3 minutes, he didn’t need that long:

6 thoughts on “The saga of Monday’s Normal meeting continues

  1. Combine
    1.) the comments town staff ‘s statement that they are not “messengers” of public concern and input to the planning commission or council


    2.) Koos and Co.’s disdain to hear the public ‘s concerns unless they are specifically on the agenda


    Normal’s elected and hired government expects citizens to shut up, be governed and unquestionably pay for it.

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  2. The truth is neither council cares about what its citizens have to say or about their concerns. I have yet to hear back from the Bloomington City Manager or my council person addressing my emails about the behaviors of Jeff Crabill and Jennifer Carrillo during meetings and out in public. It’s been close to two weeks. They don’t care and never did. All of this just proves it.

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