People who aren’t worthy – according to Koos

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night’s Normal Town Council meeting lasted over 2 1/2 hours, it will take more than one story.

Chris Koos declared again last night that he was holding a “business meeting”.  Since the Town of Normal produces nothing and only has money they steal from taxpayers, he isn’t holding a “business meeting”.  Koos is holding a meeting to do the “people’s business”, although it is hard to tell.  Why does Koos always ask to be excused from voting on bills he incurred?  He told Stan not to discuss bills because they were already paid and approved.  The agenda title was even changed to reflect that.  Hypocrisy everywhere.

During comments at the end of the meeting Stan Nord again brought up the empty seat on the Connect Transit Board.  Marc Tiritilli had tried during public comment but Koos cut him off.  (more on that later)

Koos responded to Stan that he hadn’t found a candidate worthy and willing to serve.  All of the people below were interested in serving.  Chris Koos thinks all of them are unworthy and not qualified.  In other words, they might actually listen to the people, be fiscally responsible, and use their brains instead of consultants.  Obviously people this mayor appoints to Boards and Commissions must rubber-stamp what he wants.  They aren’t there to be the voice of citizens.

Here is the list of the unworthy:

Rickilee Benecke

Deborah Hutchins

Pat Turner

Marc Tiritilli

Sreenivas Poondru

J Whitlow

Terri Lynn Morgan

Please give Koos the same respect he gives you folks.



See 2:06:00

10 thoughts on “People who aren’t worthy – according to Koos

  1. I noticed One of the losers from the last election talked about the election, but I didn’t see that on the agenda. I also didn’t see Koos cut him off. Recycling? Also not on the agenda. Koos seems to pick and choose what the public gets to say. He hates the truth.

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  2. I was at the meeting last night and it was nothing short of disgraceful. Wake up Normal! You are not being represented, you’re being governed.

    And, for anyone who needs help with the definition of govern, here’s what I mean: rule, preside over, be in power over, reign over, control, exercise control over, have control of, be in control of, be in charge of, command, hold sway over, hegemonize, lead, be the leader of, dominate, run, head, direct, administer, order, manage, regulate, guide, conduct, oversee, supervise, superintend, be at the helm of, steer, pilot;

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  3. Fuhrer Koos is the boss… refer any of your concerns privately to Reich Minister Reece and they (or you) will be handled appropriately and in a timely manner.

    Any person or persons questioning the Fuhrer or his divine plan for the Town of Normal will be seen as enemies of the Reich and enemies of the people.

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  4. So Koos is now the CEO of Normal? So no more COUNCIL will we call it Normal LLC or Normal INC? More like Normal disaster! Time for the people of Normal to remind HRH that this is NOT a business but a town that EMPLOYS a council and mayor. the word WORTHY really fits Koos. mentality . Taxpayers are to sit down shut up and pay your taxes when HRH tells you to.

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    1. If the people of Normal were not such apathetic sheep they would be attending the next meeting by the thousands to demand the resignation of Fuhrer Koos and Reich Minister Reece. On what planet does a mayor operate like this and get away with it? On planet earth in the Town of Normal because the voters let him get away with it. It is time to demand the resignation of Mayor Koos and Pam Reece. Who is with me?


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