Part 2: Why Chemberly isn’t fit to serve

By:  Diane Benjamin

See Part 1 here:

This article will explain why Chemberly should not be in any elected office deciding how to spend taxpayer money. 

Lots of people find themselves in difficult spots, what matters is digging yourself out.  The only way to do that is cut-cut-cut expenses and/or increase income.  Cummings chose the worst possible approach, she borrowed money.  Borrowing isn’t always bad, but what Chemberly signed means she knows how to make bad decisions.  It’s hard to claim she was a victim of a predatory loan when she did it to herself.  She can’t claim the interest rate was illegal because a judge ruled against her.

According to this article, Cummings was 34 when she was elected to the Normal Town Council in April of 2017:  Illinois First Black Woman – Mayor

She was working at State Farm.  Was her credit too bad to get a loan at State Farm Bank?  At 34 years old she couldn’t put $3,300 on a credit card in an emergency?

6 months after being elected she did this instead:

cc 3

That isn’t a typo – the Interest Rate is 97.74%.  It is roughly a one year loan that would have cost her an additional $2,008.40. It was a completely irresponsible act that only made her financial situation worse.  (She needs learn from Dave Ramsey!    Dave Ramsey website )

She did make some payments before being sued.  Below is what the court ordered her to pay a few months ago through wage garnishing, keep in mind all these documents are public record:


The Town of Normal claims only 6% of the budget goes to paying debt.  That is because they aren’t paying off much debt.  They have 5 bonds with no payments for over a decade from now, they are only paying interest:

They final price tag will be ridiculously high, just like Chemberly’s loan.  Both can only be called irresponsible.

Send her to Springfield?  She would fit right in, they can’t balance a budget either. 

Voters need to do better.







21 thoughts on “Part 2: Why Chemberly isn’t fit to serve

  1. I believe you were probably correct in redacting her salary and if I really have to know I can get it from the same source as you got it. However I will say this. It might further support your points if it is a larger number and she had to go to a loan of this type. A higher salaried person going to a loan of this type would support your questions of inability to get the loan thru a more affordable route Thus exposing once and for all her inability to handle any finances. I do see a little karma here (we all know karma is a bitch), unlike city government which when it can’t stay within it’s budget just screws the people thru higher taxes she had to resort to being screwed (thru her own financial choices) with such a loan since she couldn’t force state farm to pay her more.


  2. Not only does she NOT know HOW to save money, but even IF she did, she’d obviously BAD at math. When the interest is 90%, that’s NOT a loan, that’s stupidity on the part of the BORROWER! And she wants to be in Springfield?? She belongs in Math Class!!

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  3. Her speech does not even merit a comment. It is my hope that Dan Brady is smart enough not to get into a p***ing contest with a skunk. This person is obviously full of herself. Be quiet Dan, for every time she speaks, she will lose votes. “Tell the truth the first time and you don’t have to remember what you said.” Tip O’Neill

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  4. I would like to talk to everyone that interviewed this woman at State Farm and ask them what she said in the interviews that so impressed them. We live in a world totally devoid of reason and common sense.

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    1. I have no doubt she was one who full filled some quota. A perfect example of affirmative action for the joke it is/was. Another reason this country has gone down hill. You can not fly with eagles when fat turkeys hold you down. BTW most fortresses in England that were worth anything were built with stone. Wood was used for interior items such as a chair for a chamber pot which seems somehow appropriate for the subject at hand. I did watch the video of her and regret I can never get those moments of my life back….


  5. The area Brady represents is not just Normal or enough liberal/Dems to vote Cummings into the council. Even that will be more competitive than she faced to get elected because people of all parties support Brady. People in Towanda, Hudson, Colfax, Lexington, etc. are going to be less likely to support her continuing to raise their taxes/fees to support ever-growing spending.

    Cummings is far-left of center, and for someone to go up against Brady and win is going to be someone who is very moderate with a proven track record and lots (and lots and lots) of money. Or Brady is going to have to have a major scandal where he steps down or is so badly damaged people from his own party won’t support him.

    Perhaps Cummings voted to increase the Town Council pay $2k per year (and mayor salary by $10k+) because of her own financial difficulties.

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  6. Cummings doesn’t make decisions while serving on Normal Town Council, she just votes as Koos tells her to. Whoever’s backing her run just wants her to be their puppet in Brady’s position.


  7. When you run for a state office and are defeated, it is standard procedure with both political parties to award a nice cushy job in government to a loser. This has been the way things work in McLean County for nearly two hundred years. Every election it gets a little worse. Generally, when you vote, you are voting for the least of the evil.

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  8. That newspaper article has fake news. Here is the quote: “One of those wins was the election of Chemberly Cummings as mayor of Kankakee, the town’s first African-American mayor.” Mayor of Kankakee?? LOL


  9. After viewing these facts about Chemberly Cummings I cannot help but wonder if she is related to the charlatan con-job Elijah Cummings who has been ripping off Baltimore for years to pad his own lavish living!


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