A FAIR TAX is the same rate for all

By: Diane Benjamin

The mantra of the left is Equality – unless you earn more money than somebody else.

Equality is not stealing a higher percentage of income from the people who earned it. A completely FAIR tax is taking the same percent from everyone.

The proposed change to the Illinois Constitution to Tax The Rich is nothing more than class warfare. What’s next? Homes valued higher on the east side of Bloomington than the west side get higher property tax rates – just to be fair?

Guess who supports stealing more:

Bloomington Alderman Jeff Crabill. The Tax Amendment was called “Fair” for the same reason the Affordable Care Act was called Affordable. Everyone behind it knew “Affordable” sounded good even if it wasn’t true. Everyone behind the Fair Tax knows it isn’t fair. Illinois has a spending problem, they need more money for un-affordable pensions.

If the “Fair Tax” passes in November: Jobs will disappear, more people will leave Illinois, companies won’t locate here, and the higher rates will affect YOU.

Guess who else Crabill supports? (the worst graphic every created)

Crabill supports taxing the rich that WILL hurt Illinois. He also supports Chemberly Cummings for State Rep.

This is the same lady who borrowed $3,300 at 97.74% interest voluntarily: https://blnnews.com/2019/09/16/part-2-why-chemberly-isnt-fit-to-serve/

Planning to take his advice on how to vote?

5 thoughts on “A FAIR TAX is the same rate for all

  1. If communism is so great, why doesn’t Crabill do his SF thing from China? Surely he could be a lawyer in China, just take that pay cut down to equal pay and all that. And why didn’t Carillo’s parents excape to communist China instead of capitalistic America? Except for the fact that ya just can’t fix stupid.

  2. Has anyone seen the campaign materials for the Royal Fortress? RISE 105? Seriously?

    All rise for the royal fortress.

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