For the People?

By: Diane Benjamin Last night the US House passed HR1 – For the People Act. Even though the Constitution states legislatures in all 50 states make election laws, this bill: Requires same day voter registration in every state mandates automatic registering of felons, illegals, and 16 year olds requires prisons, ICE facilities, and welfare offices […]

Real example of ObamaCare cost increases

by:  Diane Benjamin The name of the benefits provider isn’t important, but you should know this is a non-profit insurance provider.  Stated in the Benefit Information notice is this: It’s been more than 5 years since co-payments were last increased for prescription drug benefits, and even longer for most deductible and out-of-pocket maximums. The notice […]

ObamaCare triples rates for 1 family

Proof: Obamacare Raised Family’s Insurance by $600 per month! Posted 08/28/2013 | AMAC Authors by Andrew Mangione – Many of you are familiar with my updates on AMAC’s activity on Capitol Hill and other topics that I’m privileged to bring to you here and in our other forums.  I recently received a disturbing piece of […]

The left wants to go down defending the imploding ObamaCare law!

They can’t implement it, they can’t finance it, you can’t keep your doctor, premiums are massively rising, jobs are now part-time, doctors are quitting, hospitals are laying people off, and it’s killing the economy but . . . From an email sent today: BREAKING: Koch-Financed Group To Run Aggressive Anti-Obamacare TV Ads The New York […]

Vetting Dr David Gill

Excepts from their email:  Note: Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie and David quoted in the same email? YEP! Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on health care proved it’s possible for the good guys to win. Even a right-wing Court agreed that the federal government has wide authority to improve people’s lives — handing a major […]