For the People?

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night the US House passed HR1 – For the People Act.

Even though the Constitution states legislatures in all 50 states make election laws, this bill:

  • Requires same day voter registration in every state
  • mandates automatic registering of felons, illegals, and 16 year olds
  • requires prisons, ICE facilities, and welfare offices to provide registration information
  • uses tax dollars to establish aggressive voter recruitment efforts
  • declares all voter verification efforts are racist
  • bans all Voter ID requirements
  • threatens jail for anyone who questions eligibility to vote
  • blocks efforts to verify signatures
  • makes mail-in voting permanent in every state
  • ballot harvesting would be legal starting 45 days before an election
  • ballots can be received and counted up to 10 days after an election
  • prevents states from making their own election rules
  • states that don’t comply would see their representation in Congress reduced
  • states legislatures would be banned from drawing their own district maps
  • DC is granted statehood so democrats have majority in the Senate
  • Election challenges can only be heard in DC courts with their hand picked judges
  • Raised campaigned funds will be matched at 600%
  • The bi-partisan Federal Election Commission will be changed to partisan
  • Dissent and free speech will be banned
  • prosecutes those deemed spreading misinformation
  • donating to opponents gets you censured
  • strip conservative churches and non-profits from tax exempt status

For the People? Of course misnamed, sort of like the Affordable Care act is anything but affordable. It should be name For The Swamp Act.

The people pictured below are using pretty much the same messaging: People 1st. They are the Affordable Care Act and the For The People Act of Bloomington. Don’t be fooled. It’s about power, not helping anyone.

Proof is what Jenn Carrillo has done since being elected: Abolish Christopher Columbus, Welcoming City Ordinance, wants to end capitalism, allow pot bars, etc.

How is that People First?

HR1 was never heard in a committee. Nancy Pelosi just called for a vote. It is on it’s way to the Senate.

23 thoughts on “For the People?

  1. If this makes it all the way to the President’s desk and he signs it I better see some lawsuits at the Federal court house challenging this law.

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  2. The George Soros Address –
    “…that this nation, under X, shall have a new birth of socialism—and that fascism of the democrats, by the democrats, for the democrats, shall not perish from the earth.”


  3. When you have people of “questionable” beliefs in office, this is what you get. Next they’ll be bring in ISIS fighters as capitol security guards..


  4. Here in Tennessee we are working on bills that pretty much ignore everything coming out of communist DC. For those of you stuck in the USSR of Illinois, good luck. Prickster is probably cheering this socialist bill.

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  5. Nothing about our government has been “for the people” since the Civil War; probably even before. This is just more of the same, in my opinion. Government bureaucrats thinking “freedom” means they get to decide how you live.

    Just more cowardice from our so-called “leaders.”

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  6. This bill is one part of the attempted silencing of the 74+ million republican voters. The democrat’s vision is much more like the CCP’s vision in China than American Democracy. We thought the democrats were all about socialism. This bill reveals what they really want is one party rule. – Communism.

    If you think you can force 74 million (and growing) Americans into a basket and close the lid you are either a fool or a lunatic. You can not force us to believe in or accept nonsense ideology or to abandon our country.

    Democrats only have until the midterms before America decides not to suffer the fools any more.

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      1. Diane, no I hadn’t heard about that. So I goggled it, but before I started looking at even one of the 5 million articles in front of me I wondered, what is google showing me what is google hiding from me and which is the truth?

        When its about the environment we know that censors, filters and algorithms guide our new “truth” to leftist political ends and away from other things.

        Maybe a needle in a haystack would be easier to find than the truth. I decided not to take their word for it but thanks to you for the alert.

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