Correction: “if you don’t file your paperwork properly to be on the ballot . . .”

Actually Straza signed as Treasurer. The CHAIR never signed. Evidently he isn’t required to, but the form still proves who is behind Responsible Cities. (Status Quo progressives)

By: Diane Benjamin

The title is is a quote from Normal Township Supervisor Sarah Grammer who challenged the petitions of two people running for the Township positions, she lost that challenge and then appealed before getting both kicked off the ballot.

See this WGLT story:

I wonder how much she spent? She hired a Springfield lawyer for both cases, Grammer will be on the ballot April 6th wanting a second term.

That brings me to Responsible Cities PAC. I have lots of stories about them, but see this first one if you forgot who they are:

Responsible Cities had to file paperwork with the State. Mike Straza is listed as Treasurer, but he signed the document where the chairman was suppose to sign. Is Straza reading challenged?

Like Sarah Grammer stated, “if you don’t file your paperwork properly . . . “.

Straza thinks he is qualified to be the next Bloomington Mayor.

3 thoughts on “Correction: “if you don’t file your paperwork properly to be on the ballot . . .”

  1. Some can’t be trusted to manage little things like following a well documented and simple process that involves filling out a short form correctly, but they ask to be trusted with the details of bigger things? Sorry, my IQ is higher than that.
    “Ropp said he thinks the legal challenges are a sign local races have become increasingly political”. Hmmm you don’t say…no kidding? One has to enter a race in order to compete in it. Any race. Anywhere. Seems straightforward, though I have never run for an office. If you can’t fill out the entry form without expecting special treatment can you really make a case that you’re good for the rest?


  2. I’m starting the “No Bullshit” PAC. Demonrats and rinos need not apply. Any and all other cousins of similar leftist candidates will also be denied consideration.

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