The document you MUST see

By: Diane Benjamin

Before I show you the whole document, you need to see the supporters names at the bottom:

Many of those names will be familiar, the rest I might talk about in another story.

One name doesn’t fit with the rest since he claims to be a Republican:

Josh Barnett

This proves the GOP will let anyone claim to be a Republican. He must be the token non-partisan. Local government has never been non-partisan – they just pretend to be.

Now see the document, I’m posting it without further comment (for now). It was sent to me already highlighted. Why does a local PAC have and 815 area code?

28 thoughts on “The document you MUST see

  1. “The greater good” has always been code for punishing drive, determination and success by rewarding failure and sloth. “Re-imagining” is my absolute favorite recent one…… same connotation with a 21st century flair.

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    1. You have to love their buzz words and euphemisms!

      Re-imagining = Screw up things beyond recognition for imaginary reasons.

      Greater good = We know what is best for you, so get into the cattle car now.

      FYI – I was personally responsible for Josh leaving the #blono hash tag stream on Twitter.

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  2. Be careful who you donate money to. Just because it says responsible in the name does not mean they are responsible spenders.

    Koos is trying to get more people elected who will blindly follow him like his rubber stamp council lackeys, sans Nord. He must be worried about loosing control the next election.

    Whomever’s names are on this doc or show up as donors should be made public so we know who is behind the Koos agenda.

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  3. Koos = Responsible, that is such false advertising. The propaganda minister must have helped pick out the name. More accurate name would be
    “Continue Corrupt Cities”

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  4. 815 is not Chicago. I have an 815 number, live here, but am from Pontiac originally. Not saying I support of any this, but Josh is also from Pontiac, he was a few years behind me in school. People keep their numbers now a days. Sorry Diane, I like your page, but this one is a bit off based on just the phone number. I don’t know about his affiliation with anything else.

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