Marc Tiritilli (Normal’s next Mayor) explains the DOCUMENT

By: Diane Benjamin

Marc saved me the trouble of writing further comments on the DOCUMENT I showed yesterday in this story:

The video has captions, watch it with or without the sound. Marc has researched the PAC and knows the contributors and how they have spent money so far. He proves the PAC is run just like the Town of Normal, see it for yourself.

Koos and company are terrified of voters and Tirititlli, hence the PAC. He wants to buy seats on the Normal Town Council including his own.

11 thoughts on “Marc Tiritilli (Normal’s next Mayor) explains the DOCUMENT

  1. Let me say it again, but this time to Koos and his PAC:

    I know 11 people who know 11 people who know 11 people who didn’t vote in the last election, but will vote in this one to get rid of you and your tribe. Time to haul you out of town on an Amtrak rail. And take your PAC with you.

    At least with your PAC, you’re flushing your own money down the pot.

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  2. Wow. Good for Marc! I looked at that PAC on the election page. Guess who is the treasurer? Mike Straza candidate for Ward 5. Think Straza is worse than that Lawler dude. I bet he’s down with supporting more TiFs.

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  3. Now this is a mayor the people of Normal can be proud of. Marc’s a class act. He handled this beautifully. People need to understand what’s going on and Marc explained it with a lot of class.

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  4. Straza will be bad for Bloomington. He is a part of the Koos government knows best and taxpayers need to shut up and do as your told philosophy. Every thing that sucks about Normal and their pompous mayor; town manager & Kathleen Lorenz is coming to Bloomington.

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  5. Is this the same Tiritilli that flip flopped back and forth like a fish out of water in the GLT article? Good grief. He is a big talker until he is asked the tough questions. If he is elected you might as well kiss any new business goodbye. He and his buddy “NO”rd won’t give anyone a chance. If it was up to Tiritilli the car plant would be gone.
    He is also really consumed with what Unit 5 thinks. Maybe he should run for school board. I guess getting canned from a teaching job would look good on your resume though


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