BLM and the April 6th election

By: Diane Benjamin

The below was sent to candidates running in Bloomington by the local Black Lives Matter group:

The below was included, they didn’t update it after Illinois ended Cash Bail very soon. They must also think the County Clerk conducts Bloomington elections. That office should but doesn’t because Bloomington has unelected people running their elections.

The referenced petition was signed by 3 of 4 One People’s Coalition candidates: Kelby Cumpston, Jackie Gunderson, and Patrick Lawler. Willie Halbert did not sign, since she is black somebody should ask her why.

Jeff Crabill signed, Jenn Carrillo didn’t. The petition has been up since early last summer, it has 581 of the 1000 signatures they wanted.

Want more crime? The petition calls for police budgets to be cut by 50%. That hasn’t worked out well in cities that have done it.

If BLM really wants success for black families, they should demand school choice so their kids can get a better education in a school they choose instead of being limited by their address.

12 thoughts on “BLM and the April 6th election

  1. Diane, I agree
    If BLM really wants success for black families, they should demand school choice so their kids can get a better education in a school they choose instead of being limited by their address.

    But BLM wants to end the family unit and make the state their new parents. As you know our state’s board of education system agrees and is implementing this with their new teacher’s job description proposal that puts teaching social ideology above teaching science, math, history, reading and writing.

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      1. Minneapolis has revisited the decision to defund the police due to the outcry from the residents about the drastic increase in crime. Actions have consequences, including the structure of the family unit.

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  2. Hey Tom, why don’t you move to Portland or Seattle and write back in about three years and tell us all about living in your utopia. We’ll be looking forward to that essay.

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    1. Do Tell –
      Actions have consequences, including the structure of the family unit.

      Consequences of actions don’t matter. Only ideology matters.


  3. Bloomington does NOT have a Civilian Review Board. What has been established is a Public Safety & Community Relations Board.


  4. Nothing on either of those lists is government’s responsibility. Quite a bit on those lists is false or needs more context. I should like to know if the local BLM chapter has received any money from the national BLM organization, since they seem to be raking in millions of dollars in donations?

    Millions of dollars in donations just for black supremacy and they expect us to believe they are disadvantaged or have less privilege? GTFOH, rofl. BLM is nothing more than the biggest racist grift there will ever be.

    What a joke.

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  5. Television does more to damage the black community than most people realize. If BLM wants to make a difference they need to tune into the any daytime or night time show that shows crime scenes or is just a talk show. The Maurry show for instance has many in the black community that are on the show that are looking for who their baby daddy is and in some cases the men or boys that come on there brag about the 6, 8 12, and in some cases as high as 20 children that they have fathered. Many of the woman have children fathered by different men. This is not I repeat not a racist observation as there are people of all races appearing on these shows but it seems like the majority are black. How are these children supported if there is no father figure involved? They grow up with mom getting lots of free stuff from the government the kids get free school,free books,free backpacks,free lunch,free breakfast, free snacks in the afternoon, free free free and by the way this the right thing to do as no one wants to see our children go hungry or not have the resources to get an education . Then these children turn 18 and guess what you now have to work, and if you have not prepared yourself to enter the work force you turn to other means to support yourselves most of the time not legal means. Bottom line the family unit is disappearing in America and it is not being caused by racism.
    BLM, because of what is being portrayed on many TV shows such as the Maurry show you need to encourage those in the community to stop going on these shows or to boycott those products that support these shows as they are giving the impression that this is how those in the African American community live. I know that is not the case but there are those that draw a different opinion. Just an observation.


  6. BLM is seeking to be relevant. Their 15 seconds of fame is over. Answering this survey is a fool’s errand and political trap. Sometimes the best response is no response.

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  7. FINALLY we have proof of systemic racism in Bloomington Normal from BLM and Carrillo!

    Systemic racism is because Black folks are “policed” (arrested?) at higher rates than whites.
    In other words because our police force is systemically racist, blacks are arrested more than whites. Using the accusation as proof of the conclusion makes a very misleading conclusion and disastrous results if acted upon.

    Systemic racism is because on average whites make more money than blacks.
    Another stretch of logic. This is a symptom caused by many things and blaming it completely on systemic racism will not solve it. Actually as we already know, it makes it worse.

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