The story that will defeat Koos and his bobbleheads on the Council

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve written almost 7600 stories since 2012. Most I can not remember, luckily readers do remember. The story below is one readers remembered that I didn’t. Chris Koos is infamous for his insider deals that benefit friends and a compliant Council that allow the fleecing of taxpayers. I can’t possibly remember all […]

Responsible Cities donors

By: Diane Benjamin The Responsible Cities PAC was formed by people like Chris Koos and Mike Straza. Look at who donated to the PAC, these are the top 25: If you look at the entire list of donor you will find other familiar names: RC McBride, Allen Sender, his wife Elizabeth Robb, Paul Harmon, George […]

Chris Koos: Desperato

By: Diane Benjamin Remember the Eagles song Desperato? That should be the Chris Koos theme song. He has NOTHING to run on so he is now personally attacking Marc Tiritilli instead of addressing the issues. Chris is a divisive leader because he knows people don’t want the things he wants. Marc Tiritilli is running to […]

Another illegal sign: Straza

By: Diane Benjamin This time it’s tooooo close to the road on South Veterans Parkway: Evidently to win Straza wants to obstruct traffic. Sorry it’s a little fuzzy, a reader sent it. Below is the original photo before I cropped it: The local GOP is supporting Straza because the GOP chair and him go to […]

Correction: “if you don’t file your paperwork properly to be on the ballot . . .”

Actually Straza signed as Treasurer. The CHAIR never signed. Evidently he isn’t required to, but the form still proves who is behind Responsible Cities. (Status Quo progressives) By: Diane Benjamin The title is is a quote from Normal Township Supervisor Sarah Grammer who challenged the petitions of two people running for the Township positions, she […]

The Systemic Racism Myth

By: Diane Benjamin At the WGLT mayoral debate the good leftist host had to bring up systemic racism, that discussion kept him from asking about real issues. You are expected to believe minorities can not succeed because whites won’t let them. Obviously it’s a myth because their are countless successful minorities. Obviously it is a […]

Bloomington Mayoral debate

By: Diane Benjamin You can listen to the debate last night at this link. Watch who reads their answers and who answers from convictions. The questions asked were what can be expected from a public radio station. One thing was clear: Jackie Gunderson is a social justice warrior and big government fan. If you […]

The BEST source for candidate information

By: Diane Benjamin The Steve Suess show has become the best place to get information on candidates for the April 6th election. Candidates who refuse to appear on his show prove they have no intention of discussing issues with people who don’t align with them 100%. Jackie Gunderson (Bloomington mayor) has refused to be interviewed. […]

More on the Responsible Cities PAC

By: Diane Benjamin The document above is from the filings with the State of Illinois. Where did the $4500 this PAC started with come from? We don’t know. Maybe it came from all the people mentioned in this story: According to their website this PAC was formed in April 2019 – note above. They […]

Straza vrs Mboka

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington has 3 candidates running for Mayor. If you are considering voting for Gunderson you must be a socialist or you are one of those that will fall for anything. Go to Mike Straza’s website for his campaign details: Celebrate – he wants more diversity and inclusion. (Divide but include?) Compare […]

They’re Back!

By: Diane Benjamin Remember the Responsible Cites PAC? Mayoral candidates Chris Koos in Normal and Mike Straza in Bloomington had to pretend to leave the group when they decided to run. Now Responsible Cities is pretending they don’t already know what candidates they are going to endorse. For mayor it will be Chris Koos […]

Opportunist Straza

By: Diane Benjamin Ward 5 is now left with one far left candidate for alderman. Mike Straza is dumping his alderman campaign to run for mayor. Straza was the Treasurer for Responsible Cities PAC – the PAC the so responsible Normal Mayor Chris Koos helped form. Responsible? More like attempting to hide Irresponsibility! The […]