The BEST source for candidate information

By: Diane Benjamin

The Steve Suess show has become the best place to get information on candidates for the April 6th election. Candidates who refuse to appear on his show prove they have no intention of discussing issues with people who don’t align with them 100%. Jackie Gunderson (Bloomington mayor) has refused to be interviewed. According to Steve, Mike Straza and Chris Koos haven’t responded to requests. (Bloomington and Normal mayor). He will be interviewing Mboka Mwilambwe (Bloomington mayor) and has talked to Marc Tiritilli (Normal mayor).

Steve has a very easy going style and mostly lets the candidates express their views. He isn’t a bomb thrower or a “got you” kind of guy.

Last night he had Steve Harsh and Chemberly Cummings on (Normal Trustee). The week before he had Sheila Montney and Willey Halbert (Ward 3 Bloomington).

See all of his podcasts here, click the “i” to see the topics and guests:

In his second hour Steve covered Tari’s rant and the Edgar County Watchdogs’ report showing a coverup. He is the only media so far who has bothered to look at the facts, Steve covered them thoroughly. Besides Tari’s response to me at Public Comment the City hasn’t said anything else. (Maybe because media hasn’t asked about the allegations)

You can listen to that part of the podcast or here, the Watchdogs were so impressed with his reporting they clipped that section:

Steve’s Live show is from 5-7pm on Saturdays.

I’m going to be on Cities 92.9 today at 2:00 with Darin Coomer to discuss Renner further.

WGLT did a reasonable job with this story on the Bloomington mayoral candidates:

It’s obvious to me which candidate doesn’t have an agenda other than what citizens expect of government. See if you can figure it out.

6 thoughts on “The BEST source for candidate information

  1. Not one specific question was asked or answered

    A good interviewer gets them off the feel good platitudes and down to specific issues.

    Weak interview and horrible candidates.


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