One more Tari and the coverup story

By: Diane Benjamin

I was sent the below by a reader:

The City of Bloomington’s insurance company paid the legal fees for the Watchdogs FOIA lawsuit to get documents the City claimed didn’t exist. Note the legal fees to Loevy & Loevy were reported as an “accident”.

Maybe it was an accident that an officer who falsified his police report was allowed to resign instead of prosecuted.

Yesterday I was on Cities 92.9 to discuss Tari’s rant and the coverup. You can hear it below at 41:00. David Blumenshine wasn’t the host since he is running for Normal Trustee.

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7 thoughts on “One more Tari and the coverup story

  1. Falsification of documents across the board in this very sketchy matter.
    Why is Tari covering up for this cop?
    Interesting. It appears that this cop’s “beat” was the west side? In Jenn’s and Molly’s wards? Aren’t they allies of Tari?
    What’s being hidden over on the west side?

  2. Yes. The fervently-pushed “Welcoming City” ordinance — by this same people, also involving police — comes immediately to mind. Also helps to have two clueless/hapless 16-year-olds on the police review board, doesn’t it?

    1. The PSCRB (Public Safety & Community Relations Board) is not a review board, per se, and is complaint driven.
      The WCO is part of an unnecessary agenda spearheaded by the IPA employee, Jenn Carillo.

  3. Let’s not read too much into the word “accident” as it appears on this document. The Renner administration is clearly a mess, but – believe it or not – nothing nefarious here. My interpretation of the document above is that it’s a template with certain preset headers and data fields. The word “accident” on the document above is one of those preset template fields. The insurance company might be better off using a word such as “incident” as this word would cover “accidents” that insurance companies commonly cover, as well as incidents like is being covered in this case.

  4. As per usual, there will always be people too busy sanctimoniously picking out a leaf on a tree…to see the forest right in front of them. Keep your eyes wide shut. Maybe you can ignore it and it won’t affect you. Until it does.

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