Pop goes the Tari

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night Kirk Allen (Edgar County Watchdogs) couldn’t speak at Public Comment so I spoke instead. I wanted to make sure people and the City knew about the story they published yesterday. https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2021/02/city-of-bloomington-police-coverup-exposed-zero-reporting-from-media-even-after-being-provided-all-the-facts/

The story includes proof of a Bloomington cover-up by allowing an officer to resign instead of prosecuting him. The proof was obtained because of a FOIA lawsuit the Watchdogs filed against the City. Obviously they won that lawsuit. See proof of payment of legal fees by the City here: https://blnnews.com/2020/07/28/payoffs-city-of-bloomington/

Since I was the only public comment Tari couldn’t contain himself. He went off on me and the Watchdogs. Once again facts are immaterial. Two Peoria TV stations covered the story, so far no local media.

This is a much watch, I wish the timer hadn’t been covering the screen while I was speaking. The lack of reaction by the Council during Tari’s rant speaks volumes. Maybe they can’t wait for a new mayor either.

I spoke for less than 2 minutes, Tari is the rest of this video.

31 thoughts on “Pop goes the Tari

  1. Wow!
    I (and everyone else in attendance) couldn’t believe what was spit out of Tari’s mouth last night when you brought up evidence of his failure.
    The fact that he responded the way he did is enough proof that there is something there that needs to be examined.

    1. It is called lack of male influence in your upbringing. Think of how Bill Clinton used to react to much the same thing. Very similar. Both exhibited and exhibit female reactions when confronted with uncomfortable situations. Both have female reactions when confronted with stressful situations because that is their life experience.

  2. Tari is so full of **** he wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in his monkey face! He has the gall to call you worthless nonsense?? That’s the pot calling the kettle black!  Kudos to you for exposing him! Ron 

  3. Can’t believe this guy’s a professor. He acts like an immature little brat who has been called out red-handed (once again) for his shenanigans, safely hiding behind his zoom monitor. Ooooh, he mad! Also watched the usual gang for their reactions. Most were typically stone-faced but did note Jenn covered her smirk throughout his entire weak tirade. Good job Diane and ECWs!

    1. When you spend most of your life around people 21 and younger, you begin to take on their traits. I’ve known a lot of teachers in my day. If you watch and listen close enough, many of them begin talking and acting like their students after years of being around them.

  4. Tari’s remarks had airplay more than once on WJBC this morning, including during the City Manager’s interview.

  5. On the subject of Carillo’s welcoming city proclamation. Or sanctuary city ordinance, which Tari took offense to also.
    I found it strange that she decided to table it because there was according to her, a misunderstanding about what it meant, how it was worded and how the police would be restricted from their duties to keep our community safe.

    What was even more strange was that no one on the council questioned her on this. Simple question Jenn – If there is confusion, why don’t you clarify it? Why do you need more time to gather support for its validity? Are you intending to change the ordinance?

    Its as if she doesn’t know why we need this ordinance, she only knows what she wants to control and how to buffalo the council into getting it.

      1. It’s exactly what she is doing. Been the likely plan all along. She is hoping even more radicals will be on the council by then.

    1. The Welcome Ordinance is likely just the opening act. If the other self-proclaimed socialists get elected then Bloomington is toast. Wonder what the elitist clique will do since these characters aren’t going to listen to their orders. Sadly, I think Bloomington needs to hit rock bottom before it can recover and find its true potential.

      1. Welcoming City IS the opening act, it’s the “foot in the door” so to speak. Leftists NEVER stop, it’s the “Nudge” thing, over and over and over I don’t know why so many people still fall for it and then are astounded when what “wasn’t so bad” is suddenly out of control – it’s a lot like mice, 2 mice, (as long as they are biologically a male and female (that’s still ok isn’t it to assume gender on a mouse?) if not caught and removed will soon become 8 mice then 20 mice and so on and so on and soon the house is over run with mice.

  6. why was Renner not charged with putting his wife’s airplane ticket to Japan on the city PC card . Why doesn’t the Pantagraph or other media follow up ? The whole scandal reeks of white privilge – the scent of bloomington ‘elites’.

    1. Margo is not his wife but his “companion”. For years, local media and those they cover have always had a cozy relationship. Both circles have like politics and like agendas . There is a silent understanding that only certain personalities are subjected to media scrutiny. That said, most in the media in BN do not have the tenacity or attention span to stay on something like the P-Card scandal for very long. It is why this blog is needed and is necessary for the few that care. Besides, there really is an entrenched ruling clique in this community that has been in existence for decades. Local media is part of it that includes both the Pantagraph and WJBC. If any of its members are accused of anything it is eventually minimized or swept completely under the rug. Look no further than the arena scandals and the results of it for further proof. They were all in on it and you saw the eventual results of commiting a crime.

  7. One thing I remember our lawyer telling us when I was on a school board was the public can comment but you are not required to reply back.

    Tari is out of line here dressing down both Diane and the Edgar County group. They certainly have the legal right to investigate, file FOIA request and such. In fact and I’m no legal expert but his response borderlines on possible defamation by saying statements without any proof that what is reported by Diane and the Edgar County is without merit and pure garbage.

    I do recall a case we had when I was on the school board where we were looking at terminating a teacher for obvious reason that were pretty clear what they did was wrong. You get into an issue dealing with the union, legal fees, etc.and what it boiled down to was we’ll settle, you’ll resign and meanwhile we’ll disguise from the public the expenses we incurred under tort immunity Hoping no one investigates and questions what shows up on the expenses. It’s a nasty business dealing with a union and the contract. One big reason why I am against government unionized employees. So the teacher leaves and goes someplace else in another district when they should have been prosecuted and never been allowed to teach again. Lack of a better term, swept under the rug so to speak. . .

  8. Tari’s childish reaction was to be expected, sadly. These events are very instructive as to the current state of civics and leadership in Bloomington. First, the City Council members showed they have no spine for failing to rein in Tari by calling him out of line. It’s further proof that they have been conditioned in their role to be subservient to the mayor, not a check against one-man rule. (Mboke missed a political opportunity to play peacemaker after Tar’s rant.) The Council also is likely playing politics in that they don’t want to be seen as siding with the Watchdogs or Diane. Regardless of the merits of their arguments, politics comes first to the Council members. Second, the silence of the civilian police micromanaging board, “community leaders,” and the local socialist politicians is deafening. Not even a peep, no interest in asking even basic questions. Is the real mission to hold police accountable to professional standards or something else? Third, the absence of local media coverage is no coincidence in my opinion. They are given the stories to write by City Hall and select people that are more equal than others. GLT is so concerned about bad cops until it puts a politician they like under the spotlight. Hmm.

  9. @Marc, if you were on a school board that “swept it under the rug”, you are part of the problem. You should have been shouting it to the rooftops! @Diane, I wonder if its possible to find a video or transcript of Tari saying that it was a normal resignation. If so, I would use it, and his tirade last night, to sue him for libel. One more comment regarding Tari. At each meeting, he begins with announcing public comment, and always with the caveat, “so we can get this done as soon as possible, and move on to the real purpose of this meeting”. In a nutshell, what anyone says is immaterial to him. Its a bump in HIS council meeting, where instead it should be the most important part of the meeting.

    1. Stan, there is only so much a single board member can do. Executive session closed to the public decision. I don’t feel like getting sued. Regardless if we would have terminated the person it would have went before a board at Springfield made up of teachers no less. Our lawyer said guess how many teachers have been terminated by this board? This teacher had tenure and guess what the district would have paid for their lawyer also. Sounds crazy but that’s the way it works. The least expensive route for the district was saying bye bye we’ll take your resignation.

  10. The so called “Welcoming Ordinance” will result in anything but welcoming to new or current citizens of Bloomington Normal as it will allow those operating outside the law a free pass by those who are tasked with protecting our community. This ordinance will actually have some rather blatant constitutional ramifications as it will directly violate the equal protection under the law clause.

  11. What a nasty little troll. I wonder if he would say that to you if you were standing in front of him?

    How easy is it to bully a woman Tari? What’s next, Tari? You gonna go find her and slap her around because she dared mouth off to you? Do you feel big, Tari? Sitting on your high horse, acting above the law, bullying women that call you out? You’re a disgrace.

    I have ZERO tolerance for hypocrites. Tari, I will spit on the ground in front of you if I ever met you, just to show my utter contempt for you as a person, and especially as a politician. You’re worthless, and a coward.

  12. Diplomacy at it’s FINEST in Bloomington. I’m sending this ALL OVER the country to friends, and you should see the replies I’m getting! Tari NEEDS to learn to STHU!

  13. Heard Renner on WJBC Scott Miller show this morning. What a bunch of ranting. He is unbelievable. Thanks for the truth.

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  14. Proud of you and ECW, Diane. This guy is seriously mentally ill and I’m furious (but not surprised) that NOBODY on that council told him to stand down.

  15. Is this guy high from Beyond/ Hello product or drunk, I would almost say his speech is impaired at some points of the video! And does he take a swig from a beer at one point? Impeach Renner!

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