“Equity” rears it’s ugly head

By: Diane Benjamin

It’s easy these days to figure out where people stand politically. The Constitution states we are created “Equal”, those who want to create victims demand “Equity”. Socialism and communism create “equity” by redistributing wealth, except for those in charge of course. Some will never have enough, those who worked hard for theirs get it stolen.

Last night the Bloomington City Council heard from a representative of the John M. Scott trust. The trust has substantial assets, obviously they don’t spend much of it every year in support of local healthcare:

John Scott wanted to provide funds for healthcare to those who couldn’t afford it. Admirable! That goal has now changed. See if you can spot anything strange on this slide:

If you don’t see it, listen to this extremely short snippet:

Look at the title of the slide. Healthcare is not a RIGHT, people aren’t entitled to equity care. RIGHTS in this country are given by God, people don’t create them. Health Equity is expecting people who worked for their station in life to hand their skills out for free. If healthcare is a RIGHT, why isn’t food free? Why aren’t grocery stores forced to give it away to reach equity?

Systemic racism doesn’t exist. The latest talking points declare all whites racists. Many companies are re-training their white employees to be less white.

Please erase Martin Luther King now, we are no longer allowed to judge anyone on the content of their character. We are supposed to accept all whites are racist and must therefore be marginalized.

If you listened to the clip, the speaker stated no one claimed “systemic racism”. She went on to state they need to work on that. In other words, their goal is to make sure minorities know they are victims of white people. John M. Scott doesn’t provide any healthcare to white people?

I knew there was something up when the entire trust distribution system was changed after ObamaCare was passed. The trust has turned into a way to recruit victims for the socialist party. If the goal was really to help people who need healthcare but can’t afford it they would be spending more of the assets.

Listen for the word EQUITY, you will hear it everywhere. It came up later in the meeting too.

The Constitution says EQUAL opportunity, not Equitable results. Demand an end to this language, it is leading to reparations which will further divide the country. (Maybe that’s the goal)

America is the land of opportunity. If there was “systemic racism” why do all races want to live here? Why do success stories cross all racial lines? Minorities and the poor are being used to destroy what made America great. Demand it stop!

8 thoughts on ““Equity” rears it’s ugly head

  1. Glad you are still reading Aaron, I filed your comment with all the rest of your clownish comments.


  2. I saw some news headline yesterday and I didn’t read it. If slavery reparations had been made the disparity of the COVID-19 impact wouldn’t have happened or something like that. Say what?????????? Some Harvard medical expert no less I believe wrote it. Big deal!!!

    I guess money truly does solve problems. LOL Wait that is my whiteness speaking.

    Last year the theme was you have subconscious discrimination thoughts that you weren’t aware of. This year the theme is your whiteness and you need to be trained on how to avoid that. .

    1. Listen to the podcast “How Race Is Being Used to Cancel Free Speech” at michaelsavage.com website. Wraps it up in a perfect bow.

  3. Once again, leftists FORCING me to be racist by insisting that I care about skin color every damn chance they get. And then blame me for being a white supremacist. Somehow that works in their pea brains. The thing is though, I don’t care about skin color. I don’t want to care about skin color. It means absolutely nothing to me. Leftists care about skin color infinitely more than I do.

    This is a huge fail.

  4. “Equity”, the new undefined buzz word. We’ve progressed from the undefined words “systemic racism” to “whiteness” to “equity”. Such an unassuming crowbar.

    Equity – Who decides and on what basis do you decide who gets excluded?

    1. For example – who decides that a certain class of people will be protected from prosecution of some of laws of our land? Specifically the immigration laws. Is this simply based on the nebulous word “equity”?

      Can a few people in political positions impose their will on a community just because they have appointed themselves as arbiters of “equity”?

      Or who gets to decide who can own a marijuana dispensary? Well its the arbiters of equity of course! And if you don’t agree you obviously haven’t addressed your “whiteness”. When you have progressed from white supremacist to “white abolitionist” (real) come back and we will talk. But don’t expect much even then.

      1. A perfect storm – (sorry for the length)
        Here’s something at the bottom you can file under “turnabout is fair play”, “or “what’s good for the goose…” If it is equitable to handcuff our police departments to protect people who break the law, then it is equitable to protect the right of citizens to provide for their own protection.

        It should be noted that when we protect illegal immigrants, we are not just protecting families who jump the line, we also provide protection to the border crossing human traffickers, drug sellers, gang members on the run or those setting up their business in our town. They too will be able to live in secret and have special protections from our law enforcement and ICE.

        Our city council should consider preparation for the unintended consequences of their decision making. Consider these things council members when you decide to be “equitable” –
        1. Our federal government is opening our borders to any and all regardless of criminal record. Every city is now a border city.
        2. Our federal and local governments are demonstrating their lack of support for law enforcement.
        3. Our new administration’s stated plan is to restrict gun ownership or tax gun ownership to the point that only politicians or the rich can afford to protect themselves.
        4. New bail laws have been passed that make it much easier for criminals that have been caught to return to the street immediately.
        5. Current Illinois FOID card backlogs have effectively put an end to first time gun ownership.

        The kind of thing below is becoming more and more common. People see what has happened in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and wherever the rights of criminals are elevated above the rights of law-abiding citizens in the name of equity.


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