Remember Kirk Allen at Public Comment?

Since the Bloomington City Council refuses to meet in person, the Edgar County Watchdogs did a story today.

I can NOT get the link to post. Go to to see the story. Right now it is at the top of their site.

It would have been nice if they could have confronted Tari in person for allowing a dirty cop to resign instead of being prosecuted. Tari even told WJBC the watchdogs were wrong. Kirk Allen and John Kraft documented everything to prove the case, local media wasn’t interested in reporting the facts. Attorney Jeff Jurgens and City Manager Tim Gleason insisted there was nothing irregular.

I saw this officer mentioned in various Facebook posts. People he dealt with knew he was unfit to be on the police force. Failure to prosecute means Bloomington just passed him on.

Excerpt from the story, getting information required a lawsuit:

Reading the entire investigation report it is clear the Mayor mislead the public with the matter and rather than be open and transparent he caused thousands of dollars in legal expense trying to suppress the evidence from disclosure.

We knew when we spoke there was a coverup going on and looking at the dates on the reports we now know officials within the City knew of the event.

So what happened to an officer that records point to having fabricated facts and altered a report to support his desire of charges on a man of color?


He resigned before action was taken against him and never faced any charges for his actions and some would say actually rewarded as he landed a job with the County working security after his resignation from the City.

While we understand Mayor Renner is not running again, we believe he should resign immediately for the coverup of what appears from the records to be a dirty cop who allegedly fabricated evidence against a citizen of the City of Bloomington.

(The officer has since moved on from working for the County)

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  1. Any word from the police micromanaging review board or the socialist trio on the City Council? They’ve been eerily quiet on this story. I guess as long as Tari virtue signals and is down for the cause, he gets a free pass. Nothing to see here, move along.

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