Thanks Jenn for the socialist agenda

By: Diane Benjamin

I wonder if Jenn thinks this is a winning strategy for her socialist buddies April 6th:

Read the bottom of the story


These people are her hopes for being on the “new” council:

I appreciate Jenn’s honesty for what the agenda will be. On-site consumption means a lot of revenue can be generated by parking surveillance 1/2 block away. That can generate some serious DUI revenue!

Jenn, you actually believed government was going to give permits to those most impacted by cannabis enforcement? Those permits are horribly expensive which is why corporations have them. The state issues those permits, are you suggesting the City buy one to help a minority get started? Are you going to require any business experience or just “use” experience?

“Shares her understanding of cannabis legalization as a serious opportunity to generate revenue”. Jenn wants to fund government on the backs of cannabis users? Or is it just social programs Jenn? Are you admitting your agenda is to use people’s altered state and money to achieve your utopia?

If you haven’t read the 1944 goals for the socialist/communist for America, the takeover is close to complete:

#38 is one of Jenn’s goals:

Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

#40 and #41 are Black Lives Matter goals:

Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

#42 we saw all summer:

Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

Many of the rest were completed years or decades ago. Maybe you should read them all before you vote for Jenn’s buddies.

16 thoughts on “Thanks Jenn for the socialist agenda

  1. With Gunderson as Mayor and 3 Peole 1st coalition members joining Crabill and Jamona Jenn on the council , DSA will have the solid progressive majority needed to make fundamental structural changes to the very core of Bloomington. The new change will be striking , and well earned .


  2. I like how her solution for everything involves new (unconstitutional) taxes. ROFL. So much for poor people, eh Jenn? What a joke.

    I noticed this too – “…reserving dispensary permits for minority entrepreneurs.”
    Would it be any better, Jenn, if someone proposed to you to “…reserve dispensary permits for WHITE entrepreneurs?”
    Your racism is showing, Jenn. Why are you fit for public service, exactly?

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  3. Ahh the true colors, green not rainbow are coming out from Jenn Carrillo. Creating serious opportunity to generate revenue (for the government). Couple with her gross misunderstanding of real American history, she’s a closet facist!
    Taxes. More taxes. Let’s take money from the people and give it to the government. Lol. Put that on a flyer and circulate it to the west side. Throw Sonny’s name in there to as one of her favorite co-conspirators.

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  4. Social justice/minority preferences are written into many states’ rules and regs for licensed cannabis already (e.g., Illinois, California). Apparently, in Jenn’s view, the state is not doing enough or moving fast enough. Of course, if Jenn really believed in elevating minorities, she would be for lower taxes, streamlined regulations, and a low-cost/low-barrier to entry for business ownership in the canna (or any other) industry. The limited amount of licenses, exsorbanent legal and registration costs, and net worth requirements ensure that only well-healed and well-financed individuals and companies have a shot to make it. This is apparently okay with Jenn as long as there’s a special government-run program for affirmative action in the industry. On-site consumption is concerning without safeguards similar to bar/liquor licensing, perhaps even stronger (for now) as less is known about driving under the influence of canna as opposed to alcohol.

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      1. Haha…right. When they say “fair share” they mean some people have the means to pay more money and therefore ought to be forced to pay more in taxes. Politics of envy at its finest.

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  5. So Ms Carrillo is a socialist because she wants cannabis permits to go to minority groups? Again your unhealthy obsession with one Latina city council member is ongoing problem on this blog.

    “Illinois lawmakers plan to create 75 new cannabis store licenses to give poor and minority applicants another chance at entering the billion-dollar industry after being excluded by the current system.

    The proposed law would double the number of new retail licenses created last year but not yet issued for recreational pot businesses and would attempt to remedy problems with how applications for the licenses are scored. Those problems resulted in a rash of lawsuits challenging the results and have delayed licenses that were supposed to be awarded by July of last year.”
    .Chicago Tribune January 7th 2021

    The aim of law legalizing cannabis was to the allow poor and communities hit hard with the war on drugs to have access to cannabis permits and share in the income from cannabis in their communities.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having mental health professionals answering calls that are essentially mental health emergencies. That would be a better outcome for the community were people get the help they need. That way, Police aren’t put in the middle of situations they may not be qualified to handle.


  6. Jenn says – “The social equity side of legalization hasn’t fully materialized,”
    Carrillo said. “We need to signal to businesses that we are a cannabis-friendly community.”
    “Money generated by the city’s tax should go toward uplifting communities “that have been decimated by the war on drugs,” Carrillo said.
    “I hope that will be a new conversation with the new council,” Carrillo said. “That they also want that to be a pot of money that will be set aside for the communities disenfranchised because of the criminalization of cannabis.”

    Maybe someday someone will ask Jenn to be specific about the terms she uses, about the claims she makes about our community and her real plans to solve the issues she invents. Preferably on a Zoom camera.

    1. “social equity side of legalization” – what is it, how are you going to do it?
    2. “We need to signal to businesses” Why? They don’t want to sell pot?
    3. “uplifting (minority) communities” – How specifically, here and now?
    4. “decimated by the war on drugs.” Who in our community and why? Did they decide to break the law?
    5. “communities disenfranchised because of the criminalization of cannabis.” Just minorities? How, when and where?
    6. What’s in your pipe there Jenn?


  7. The State controls licensing, not the City. The City only decides where cannabis businesses are located through zoning. The law is specific as to how the money distributed from the State is to be used. The State has leveled unfunded mandates on local law enforcement agencies. Last year at this time the State legislature was still refining the law, specifically regarding manufacturing & processing. The local 3% cannabis tax plus local sales tax would generate approximately $60K revenue from $1M in sales…not a very significant amount. Onsite consumption would not necessarily increase sales. Adding a license to generate revenue for the City would eat into any profit for the establishment. Jenn doesn’t understand math or budgets…she has publicly admitted as much.

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    1. DO TELL,
      “Jenn doesn’t understand math or budgets…she has publicly admitted as much.”

      Ask Jenn WHY she doesn’t understand math and making a budget and you’ll probably hear that she wasn’t raised in a math friendly community that taught it in a socially equitable way.
      No really.

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  8. “So Ms Carrillo is a socialist because….”

    Because she said she was? Because, and bear with me here while I explain this to you with your limited understanding of adult situations, she belongs to the Democratic SOCIALISTS of America? Common word comprehension is not your strong suit, is it?

    “There is absolutely nothing wrong with having mental health professionals answering calls that are essentially mental health emergencies.”

    So what happens when the “professional” is put into a situation they themselves are not qualified to handle? All you want to do is replace one “officer” with another one. How is that better?

    “….share in the income from cannabis in their communities.”

    Please explain to me, without using a sexist or racist argument, why they are entitled to this? Because I am almost certain any argument you have is based upon minorities or women being under represented, or some garbage.

    The only obsession I see here is with you and this blog.

    P.S. – If wanting to keep tabs on local and regional government is obsession, then I’ve got the worst case of OCD you’ve ever seen. And I don’t regret it, either.


  9. Hi Diane I am sorry to hear of your loss. There is never a good time to get that type of call. I’ll pray that God will bless you and be close to your family. Jerry Gilbert

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